Who undressed, he sheds no tears?

Who undressed, he sheds no tears? Onion - one of the most useful vegetables, is known even to children. In human nutrition plays an important role. It is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Here are just a taste of it is not to everyone, but to take away a hundred coats, often have to break into bitter tears ...

Look - an ancient culture, the exact origin of which has not yet been established. It is considered that the homeland of onion - the Caucasus or Central Asia. We also know that onions grown in ancient Greece, Egypt, India. It has long been believed that the bow - is not only a medicinal plant, but also a storehouse of magical properties. The Roman legionaries were required to use it in food, because, according to popular belief, eating a lot of onions gives courage, energy and strength. In 10-12 centuries the common people of France, Spain, Portugal, eating onions every day. But in Russia the bow appeared in the 12-13 centuries.

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At present about 400 species of onion (onions, shallots, leeks, batun, tiered, etc.). In our country grows 230 species. Onion was especially widespread. In the culture he was known for more than 4 thousand years BC, in the wild is not found. The healing power of onions due to a unique combination of a large number of useful substances. Bulbs, onions are rich in carbohydrates and nitrogenous substances, contain cellulose, pectin, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, essential oils, volatile, potassium, calcium, etc. Compared with green onion bulb contains 3 times less vitamin C, and even green counterpart unusually rich in carotene, potassium, phosphorus. Still can not rely on the bow as a vitamin preparation. It turns out to satisfy the need for vitamin C, will have each day to eat at least 300 g of fresh green feathers. Onions, this will require about 1 kg.

Healing properties of onion, for that matter, and garlic, are due mainly to the presence of natural antimicrobial substances - phytoncids. And yet, onions, like garlic, is not for everyone. In these aromatic vegetables contain a large amount of essential oils that can irritate mucous membranes and cause allergic reactions type. The diet is a healthy person onions can be used almost without restrictions.

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About Luka said: "Who stripped, he sheds tears." Although it is possible that soon the mystery will not otgadki. After all, most recently, scientists from New Zealand announced a breakthrough in biology. The experimenters brought the so-called "onion without crying," using technology to "turn off the gene. The story started 6 years ago, when Japanese experts to define what makes a person cry. It was found that a gene produces an enzyme that irritates the mucous. After that, the cause come from New Zealand breeders. They put in a special onion DNA-recoder. He, in turn stopped the path that led to the formation of tear enzymes. Now, according to scientists, they can improve not only the taste but also health benefits of onion. Waiting for our table, a miracle vegetable should be no earlier than 10 years. It is at such times, researchers promise to complete all the experiments.

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If you are going to stock up this natural remedy on the market or in a store, pay attention, my friends, that the bow was dry without rotting. If the surface is wet bulb, so long bow prolezhit. Do not put onions in the refrigerator, especially in a plastic bag, in such circumstances, he quickly begins to suffocate and rot.