What we know about trees - Horoscope of Druids? Ash.

What we know about trees - Horoscope of Druids? Ash. Spring is on the wane. Night frosts and cold snap behind. Ahead of the period of growth and maturation. It is clear that come the summer. On a horoscope druid in their right to enter Ash-wise. His time from 25 May to 3 June and from 22 November to 1 December.

A beautiful, wise and successful - he aspires to be an example and a model for others, the herald of truth and trendsetter. Life is so easy to overcome the difficulties that it may seem that he was simply unlucky. In fact, all counted, weighed and pre-sort through. Including, whims and impulses, surprising those around him.

Selfish, but not a miser. Generously shared all that is. In love is constant and prudent. It knows how to truly love, successfully combining love with the calculation. Family life Ash build "their own hands" and greatly values the family.

Perceptive and even visionary. He loves to play with the fate of a little, but quite without busting. Reliable sign next to it calmly.

In nature, ash (Latin fraxinus) - genus of woody plants of the family olive. All high ash (25-35, even up to 60 meters) and slender trees with a trunk diameter of one meter. Thick branches form a high occasional round egg-shaped crown.

All the leaves in autumn crown painted in flat calm yellow. Against the backdrop of blue sky in September krone, like the gilded dome of the church, is at heart a sense of calm and clarity. Maybe that's why and ash? Who knows ...

Dark brown or purple odorless flowers are collected in "broom". At one tree, and even in one inflorescence may appear both male and female, and even bisexual flowers. Combining them is not constant and varies from year to year. Pollinated by the wind, but some species with sticky pollen readily visited by beetles. Fruit ash - samara. Its shape is individual for each species.

Bunches samaras - like a bunch of keys. On winter trees without leaves visible from a distance and attract birds. Yes, and rodents at all averse to eat them, because the fruit a lot of fat and protein needed in the winter. People also ash "nuts" by heart. Harvest of the summer, until they are soft, pickled and used as a condiment for meat and vegetable dishes.

In the mythology of different peoples ash plays a significant role. In ancient myths, he was considered the ancestor of humans. Scandinavian gods who created man from ash and breathed in its creation soul, life, mind, movement and feelings. Those who fell in battle Norman warriors get to the Promised Valhalla, in the middle of which grows a mighty tree, a cloud of ash. Leaves ash consume goat, from the nipples on a daily basis is allocated a full jar of honey. And from the horns of a deer, eat the branches of a tree, beating a source of water that rush into the underworld.

These views are likely to relate to the spring release of juices ash. Notched bark, sweet juice can be released outside. In the air it hardens and forms a sweet solid mass, which can replace sugar.

Ash endure life's hardships. It easily copes with the compacted soil, gassy air and dust. Along with the beautiful appearance of such properties make the tree very attractive for urban greening.

Wood ash is great, its elasticity and strength for the dignity of valued human beings for centuries. Bows and arrows, war clubs and spears to withstand extreme loads in battle and hunting. In a life of ash bent hoops, balance beam and wheels, made an excellent carved dishes.

Medicinal properties of ash are described in the third century Roman physician Quintus Samonikom. Bitter bark of a tree once called "German quinine" and used against fever and worms, for healing. Seeds "use" dropsy patients suffering from cough and diseases of the liver.

Typically, ash, can not tolerate the neighborhood in the woods. Substances produced by the tree and fall to the ground, a depressing effect on other plants. This oak, planted near the ash tree, far behind in growth and sick. But in contrast to the oak larch feels great. "Dangerous" neighborhood to her stride.