What you need in the summer the queen of flowers?

What you need in the summer the queen of flowers? Rose rightly bears the title of queen of flowers, it is generally recognized fact. And, as befits the representative of the highest aristocracy, she likes to sometimes pokapriznichat. But the problem is in love with her florist is to ensure that those able to foresee and prevent moods, all the whims of her Majesty to perform. The most numerous of care falls on the summer season.
 Let's start with crown formation roses and pruning unwanted shoots. It is convenient to do it in early summer, when it was clear exactly which of them recovered after winter, and which no longer tenants. Thick bushes thins, removing all weak, growing into shoots. Vaccinated roses necessarily remove appearing wild shoots. To do this, dig the ground to get as close as possible to the base of the main root, and cut a wild escape. When pruning only on the level of the soil stimulates the formation of new shoots from dormant buds. If these wildings not cut, then after a few years instead of the gorgeous roses will be no less luxurious briar bush.

After flowering, many roses fruit which should be cut off to the bush were not spent in vain his strength on the formation of seeds. If you are not the breeder, botanist, of course, and they will absolutely not necessary. Even better - cut flowers are fading or inflorescence , Not allowing them to occupy the whole bush its petals. If you missed the moment, it is desirable to collect the petals until they had dried on the leaves tightly, pulling all sorts of sores on our queen.

 What you need in the summer the queen of flowers? Pletistaya Rose (Photo: J. Lukyanchikov, personal archive) Summer - the warmest time of year, and roses require regular Irrigation . Water for irrigation must be defended and bask in the sun. In the heat of their watered more frequently, but, of course, depends on the specific conditions (soil composition, age rose, the stage of its development). Heavy soils hold moisture longer, sandy dry faster. Young shrubs with poorly developed root system watered more frequently than adults: 2 times and 1 times per week, respectively. The amount of water depends on the size and age of the bush, but keep in mind that the roots of the roses are deep, the water should get into their zone. So the older the vine, the more water is required: an average of 10-20 liters, and pletistym roses - up to 30 liters.

It is important to understand that frequent slim watering can do more harm than good. They will promote the development of shallow root system, which in winter will freeze slightly, but in the heat longer suffer from overheating. For the convenience of around bushes constructing earthen ridges along the perimeter of the crown, which prevent the spreading of water. And even better - fence roses decorative curb tape inside the circle pour mulch: and nice and helpful and convenient. Watering roses early in the morning or the evening before sunset.

 What you need in the summer the queen of flowers? Hybrid Tea Rose (Photo: J. Lukyanchikov, personal archives), a separate discussion deserve 11,111,126. feeding [/b] . For the development of strong healthy rose bushes are fed an average of 3 times per month. It is especially important not to forget to do it after the first wave of flowering shrub to restore power to the next stages of development. Roses are very grateful to respond to organics, but in no case be found in the soil under the bushes nepereprevshy fresh manure.

 It is more convenient to use it in a tincture: 10 kg mullein is poured into a large barrel of 100 liters of water and insist for 5-7 days. The resulting solution is diluted with water for irrigation in the ratio of 1:10. Very rich in micronutrients chicken droppings. Its infusion is prepared similarly, but in 100 liters of water to throw no more than 5 kg of manure to water diluted in the proportion of 1:20.

 What you need in the summer the queen of flowers? Чайно-гибридная роза (Фото: И. Лукьянчик, личный архив) Не беда, если нет органики: торговля сейчас предоставляет огромный выбор комплексных минеральных удобрений специально для роз с оптимальными дозами микроэлементов. Впрочем, в продаже бывают и концентрированные растворы органики. Перед внесением раствора удобрений кусты вначале проливают чистой водой. Минеральные удобрения можно вносить и сухим способом, заделывая гранулы в почву вокруг кустов, но все-таки жидкие подкормки quickly reach the roots and will have an effect on plants. After each watering the soil must loose (unless it is covered with mulch).

Queen rose love, not only farmers, but also pests . In early summer, especially the annoying whole armies of young generations of aphids, whitefly and spider harmful mites. Against them, fortunately, now developed the mass of any effective drugs, just choose and benefit.