What we know about trees - Horoscope of Druids? Birch.

What we know about trees - Horoscope of Druids? Birch. Bereza Gallic horoscope "singled out" only one, but an important day - June 24. Druids claim that this date is the summer solstice, when the astronomical summer begins and the duration of the day the biggest of the year. In fairness, I note that in reality, the summer solstice occurs just before or on June 21 -20, depending on the year. In 2008, it will be the 20 th, at least, so says Wikipedia.

Birch - a sign of soft. She nobody is rude, does not abuse anyone's kindness, not impose their views and no one asks for nothing. Modest, responsive, elegant and intelligent. Despite these qualities, Birch believes that in life nothing comes for free, ready and able to work.

In love and family relations, media mark do not like storms, which tend to be calm and smooth relations. In a marriage may come rather rashly, but never regret their choice, retain loyalty and support in the home atmosphere of coziness.

Plants of the birch, the Latin name Betula - genus of trees of the birch family. In Russia genus is widespread. This situation gives rise to a birch tree, Russian, but in reality, national borders for the trees do not exist. Once read a letter home of a German officer who took part in the fighting in Russia during the Great Patriotic War. He was surprised that far from his native Germany, he sees so many German birches.

We know more than fifty species, but in our area accustomed only four. However, birch predominate in most of the deciduous and coniferous-deciduous forests. They - the pioneers of the settlement of the deserts and the newly liberated areas: logging, fires, etc.

Birch - a wonderful tree and has long been used by people "at 100. His versatility has reflected a riddle: "It is morning wood is green, this tree four grounds: first - the sick to health, the second - the people well, and the third - the light from the darkness, the fourth - decrepit swaddling. Responses to her - bath broom, birch sap, birch bark and kindling for the repair of broken pots.

The Slavs birch venerated, but its properties are treated differently even in the same locality. So the Poles in Warmia and Mazury considered it a receptacle of the spirits, because of what yakoby zipper often gets in the tree. For this reason, a birch tree near the house does not grow. However, near Lublin, on the contrary, birch specially planted near the house to celebrate the birth of the child, for protection against lightning and scaring away evil.

Birch personifies feminine. And that is embodied in women's quality can be both positive and negative. Wood was the girls wore for the magic cure. But while birch was accused that it gives refuge mermaids and loved them. Witches milk milked from birch and birch in addition to flying stick.

At the same time, birch branches, especially used in various ceremonies, recognized as a reliable charms. Abandoned in an attic or stoppered under a roof - they are protected from lightning and thunder, stuck in the middle of the field - ward off pests.

Sorcerers spells on the birch and passed her human disease: "Brochu toad under the birch bush, so as not to hurt her, so as not to ache." Peasants at a sick twisted branches of birch and threatened them not to release until the disease will not be defeated.

However, the healing properties of birch has without any divination and magic. In medicine use kidney, leaves, bark and sap wood. Useful substances contained in them, led to the use of various concoctions and infusions in the treatment of atherosclerosis, rheumatism and kidney disease. Birch tar, which has a bactericidal effect, is part of the wound healing ointments.