What kind of flower will help you become more beautiful?

What kind of flower will help you become more beautiful? It has long been known that flowers make us happy, not only for its beauty and fragrance, but also have many medicinal properties that are beneficial to our bodies. For example, help fight various diseases and prolong our youth and beauty.

Yes, a very long time extracts of flowers are used in various cosmetic products. This is due to the fact that they contain biologically active components that enrich our skin with vitamins and thereby help prevent it from harmful environmental exposures. Modern Beauty creates tools that use the natural properties of flowers. Because of this, we are able to extend their youth, to improve health and become more beautiful.

In order to cosmetic has on your body is the most beneficial effect, you need to know the healing properties of flowers. When buying cosmetics, you always pay attention to the composition of the cream? But it is very important to know the extract of the flower is found in cosmetics.

  Extract of rose flower has a positive effect on the skin of the face - or rather, enhances the color and prolong her youth. Extract of rose petals provides antivirus and anti-microbial action. Especially recommended for those who have dry skin.

For oily skin, use creams with 11,111,114. extracts of flowers violet [/b] . Oil, which is extracted from the leaves of violets, it helps with skin inflammation.

  Flower extract lemon has relaxing properties. This flower contains Vitamin C Reduces puffiness, blemishes, makes skin elastic. Retains moisture and adds a feeling of freshness. Cosmetics with extracts of citrus flowers are among the best means of cleaning the skin.

  Extracts of flowers of cornflower most often used in cosmetics, which are used for skin care and age the skin around the eyes, since it removes redness century, swelling, itching.

  Essential oil of jasmine flower has a rejuvenating effect, so often extract of this flower is used in creams for fading skin. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Cosmetic 11,111,114. with an extract of lavender flower [/b] has antiseptic properties. Especially recommended for people with sensitive skin. Lavender relieves irritation and pain of bruises. Helps with inflammation, healing wounds after insect bites. This flower contains carotene, essential oils, and substances that help in the metabolic processes of the skin. Also, lavender is widely used in cosmetics and hair care, since this flower helps to get rid of dandruff and improve the blood circulation of the scalp.

  Extract Chamomile often used in cosmetics, as has a huge number of healing properties. The first step is to say that chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, therefore, particularly recommended to those who have seen red and irritated skin. In the flowers of chamomile are simple drugstore vitamins F, A, C. If you constantly inflamed skin and flakes, buy a cream with chamomile extract, and your problem will be solved. Also, Daisy is very useful for hair. It strengthens, clarifies and stimulates their growth, so it is often used in shampoos, balms.

Almost all the flowers have healing properties and help us to preserve his attractiveness and youth, delight us with their fragrance and beauty. Perfumers use oils and extracts of flowers to create perfumes, creams, lipsticks, lotions, shampoos, etc.