Which tea is the most bitter?

Which tea is the most bitter? When I first began working on Chinese tea, they gave me to try Kudin - Brewing sticks tightly twisted from the long leaves. Mother dear, to say that it was a bitter drink - it means nothing to say. It is this bitterness that has no place on taste bitter, and at the peak of it goes into the sweetness and remained so in the aftertaste. Funny guys, looking at my bulging eyes, pretty. But it was fun and I - started, cleared, as if the glass on the glasses rubbed.

What kind of drink is and why is it used?

Kudin from a holly tree leaves of holly, a tree of the same genus are material. Only Kudin - from «Ilex kudingcha», and materials - from «Ilex paraguariensis». According to its effects, he is immunomodulator, so often used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

 Which tea is the most bitter? Kudin "spindle" About 400 species of holly found in temperate and tropical regions. In the wild, it grows in the southern Atlantic region and Europe, North America, Asia Minor, China. This evergreen shrub, rarely a tree to 15 m tall, with short, spreading branches forming a dense pyramidal or oblong crown.

Leaves korotkochereshchatye, oblong-ovate, up to 7 cm long, with wavy edge and large, triangular spiny teeth. Flowers white, fragrant, on short pedicels. Fruits globose, up to 1 cm, bright red, in racemes on short stalk remain on the branches all winter.

 Which tea is the most bitter? Holly Dedicated Saturn in ancient Rome, holly was a symbol of health and happiness during the Saturnalia. Perhaps that's why the first Christian communities have chosen it as a decorative element for Christmas 11,111,117. . In Christian tradition, Christ during Advent is to head a wreath of holly. In medieval art, Renaissance painting holly symbolized the cross, its leaves - a crown of thorns and red berries - blood.

Branches of holly used Celtic, Baltic, Scandinavian and Slavic peoples almost everywhere, where it meets the plant. The twigs are found in Europe in Christmas wreaths and garlands, to gift packages and cards. North American Indians used the leaves of the local tea holly, known for its laxative, and emetic properties, as an antidote during their religious rituals and in medicine.

Which tea is the most bitter? A young Chinese Kudin Kudin is different: in the form of spindles (sticks, twisted out of large leaves) or extruded in the form of bricks. Sometimes "young Kudin" - curls, in the form of thin spirals of light, of small leaves, similar in appearance to 11,111,114. high-
green tea. The most bitter Kudin - veretenyshkami. Briquettes have a distinctly fruity aroma and a much milder taste.

Kudin can be used as a standalone drink (it is enough to brew 5-6 sticks of 150 g of water), and as a curative additive 11,111,116. Puer to [/url] (Enough for a pair of stuff). Very good brew Kudin at the beginning of colds and viral diseases - he carefully activates the immune system and helps cope with the disease in the very early stage.