Which berry ripening strawberries before?

Which berry ripening strawberries before? It is believed that the berry season opens strawberries. But there is a modest berry, which is ahead of strawberries not only for ripening, but also the content of vitamin C. This honeysuckle, old-fashioned gotovik, that is " fast, always keeping up to date "(VI Dal).

Gardeners long time to fall in love with this berry because it requires no special care is and successfully grows and bears fruit even in poor soils. Honeysuckle attracts highly resistant to frost and diseases and, of course, very early ripening fruits. Already in early June, or even in late May, almost two weeks before the first strawberries, you can enjoy the large blue-blue berries with a bluish bloom. The flesh is dark red berries with purple hue, taste sweet and sour with a weak aroma and pleasant bitterness.

In nature, there are many species of honeysuckle, not all of them edible. The plant is common in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, where increases in river valleys, in glades and mountain meadows, coniferous forests. In the wild, a lot of honeysuckle on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where it is called Kamchatka cherries. Siberians also called sineplodkoy.

 It is from Siberia Berry stepped in culture. The most famous varieties of Blue Bird, blue spindle, Pavlov, Ivushka, Violet, Cinderella. Garden honeysuckle - quite a large shrub, which bears fruit in one place for 15-20 years. Ripe fruit may be of different shapes: spherical, oblong, jag. They attract birds, so you need to ensure the protection of the crop.

Honeysuckle extremely helpful. Its fruits have a high content of vitamins. To get a daily dose of vitamin C is enough to eat 150-200 g of berries. This vitamin in the honeysuckle more than berries крыжовника, малины , земляники. Р-активных веществ в жимолости почти столько же, сколько в черноплодной рябине . Therefore, berries can be used as a medicinal product in hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Fruits also contain potassium and sodium that are beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and high iron of the berries with the positive impact of anemia. Honeysuckle also contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine and other macro-and micronutrients. Fruits are rich in pectin Which removes from the intake. The presence of tannins in the berries can recommend them in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Honeysuckle berries are good fresh. They are trained and jam, jam, jelly, stewed fruit, wine, used as a filling for pies.

For preparation of 11,111,120. jam [/b] rinse and dry neperezrevshie berries, cover them with hot syrup and let stand 3-4 hours. When the berries are saturated with syrup, need to cook them, but only 5-6 minutes, not to seethe. You can then make a break for 6-8 hours and re-boil until cooked. Close the lid can be any or parchment paper. Value of berries and sugar 1:1.

To "Raw" jam my berries and ground in a wooden enamelware tolkushkoy, adding sugar. Pureed berries heated up to dissolve sugar and expanded in a sterile banks without hermetic sealing. Store in a cool place to. Value of berries and sugar 1:1,5. This flavorful weight - the perfect complement to tea, and tasty filling for a pie. If you add a tablespoon of "raw" jam in a glass of water, you get a fresh medicinal drink a beautiful dark ruby color.

To prepare 11,111,120. jam [/b] , Laying in a pot of 1 kg of berries, 1,5-2 kg of sugar, add 1-2 cups of water. Cook at a constant stirring up cooking berries. Spread into sterile jars, covering them parchment paper. Store in a cool place.