What kind of disease cures all known field horsetail?

What kind of disease cures all known field horsetail? Who among us has not met in the woods, meadows or in damp places parks bright green herringbone arvense? This plant is widespread, and for gardeners, moreover, is difficult to weed deduced, as has long branched roots.

Horsetails in the world many European species usually do not exceed half a meter, and in Latin America are growing giants of up to 12 meters. It is believed that its name horsetail received for its resemblance to the horse's tail. It is curious that the "tail" component is included in its name and in several European languages, such as the Poles, he «konski ogon».

Horsetail before us in two guises. In the spring of this succulent unbranched whitish-pink or brownish shoots with large flowering spikelets. Dove in May of disputes, stems die off, and replaced them begin to grow more familiar hard herringbone with thin and long "needles" distinctive long leaves. In this short period can be collected and rhachides bottlebrush and its summer green stalks.

An amazing plant horsetail - it contains so much useful: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, mineral salts, glikozity, silica and organic acids, resin, tannic and bitter substances, vitamin C and carotene in the spring shoots and more sugar, and in nodules on the Roots - starch.

 What kind of disease cures all known field horsetail? The spring shoots of spring horsetail shoots and nodules - a delicacy, they can have both raw and prepare them to different dishes. Young stems and ears of corn are added to salads, hash, omelets, soups, making them filling for cakes and the butter, even cooking. Tubers are usually eaten raw or baked. The flour from dried nodules added to the dough.

Widely uses horsetail and folk medicine. Marked curative properties has only old horsetail - "Christmas trees". Use it as a fresh and in dried form. Typically, horsetail is used as an antiseptic, wound healing, кровоостанавливающее, вяжущее средство, кроме того, он является хорошим мочегонным, способствует растворению и выведению камней from the kidneys and bladder, reduces swelling and protein in urine, a positive effect on metabolism.

In fresh, cut or rubbed (can chew), horsetail is used to treat wounds, ulcers and burns, make compresses on painful joints. Fresh juice take 1-2 teaspoons 4 times a day as a diuretic to reduce edema.

 What kind of disease cures all known field horsetail? Widely used infusions, for this fresh (30-40 oz.) Or dried (15-20 oz.) Horsetail pour a glass (200 ml.) Boiling water and insist 2-3 hours. Accepts 1-2 tablespoons before meals swelling, urolithiasis, kidney, liver, bladder, female diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis. Wash wounds, ulcers and eczema, make lotions with furunculosis, compresses on painful joints in rheumatism and gout. Infusion drip into his nose bleeding, rinse their throats with angina and various inflammations.

For external medical use (irrigation, compresses) can be used extract prepared in boiled water at room temperature. Quantitative relationships are about the same, but insist no less than a day. In skin diseases, minor wounds, scratches, etc. extract added to the water when taking bath.

Folk medicine is widely used and decoctions of arvense. Value of water and plant mass is approximately the same as for the preparation of infusions, but boil for 20-30 minutes on low heat, you can use a steam bath. It is believed that the broth has more healing power, so his take on a spoonful before eating. For the treatment of wounds, skin diseases, etc. broth used in the same way as tinctures.

 What kind of disease cures all known field horsetail? Thickets of horsetail in a pond from horsetail can be prepared and ointment for external use only. For this plant mass evaporated over a slow fire until the extract, which is then mixed with petroleum jelly or grease.

Before taking drugs from the bottlebrush inside, you must consult a doctor, the reason is clear - the impact on the liver, kidneys, bladder. In principle, contraindications with drugs from horsetail not, except for severe kidney disease (nephrosis, nephritis).

Horsetail can procure from June to August. There is one feature, it must be dried in the shade, but with good ventilation, because slow drying it darkens and loses some medicinal properties. Dried store 3-4 years in a dry ventilated area.

It is worth noting that horsetail is applied for agricultural purposes, mainly because of the presence therein of silicon. The dried shoots are used for polishing of woodwork and soft rocks, clean them dishes. Decoction of the roots can be painted fabric in a yellowish-gray color.