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What is useful cumin?

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 What is useful cumin? Once Mediterranean biologists decided to check the time within which to grow more profitable cumin, so as not to waste precious liquid for irrigation, and found that thyme is better to plant later, in late autumn, when it gets cooler. This is not surprising. After all, cumin - comes from the north.

Caraway (Latin - Carum carvi) in the culture known since prehistoric Neolithic pile-dwellings - even then, for many millennia, our ancestors often used it in food. Romanized name of cumin is, apparently, from the Greek "Caron" - this is called cumin ancient Greeks, making out the shape of the inflorescence, umbrella head (the Greek word "kara"). By the way, the Arabic name for caraway (Carvey) is very in tune with the Greek.

It is cultivated as a biennial caraway culture (there are also annual varieties) in almost all temperate countries, including Ukraine (Crimea found in a wild or wild form), the Caucasus, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Yield (up to ten quintals of seed per hectare of crops) caraway gives the second year.

In seeds of herbaceous plants contain up to 7% of essential oil containing carvone used to make the kind of odor 1,111,115. vodka and liqueurs, as well as limonene, used in perfumery. In addition, they contain from 14 to 22% fatty oil. Wholly seeds are widely used in bakery. Bread with Caraway like very many.

Under the name of Fructus Carvi fruits are widely used in medicine as a stimulant, carminative and diuretic.

With cumin treat ulcers, eliminate headaches in hypertension, pain in the intestines and stomach. In folk medicine, cumin used for painful menstruation as a painkiller. If nursing mothers wasted milk, cumin helped restore lactation. A man with nocturnal emission would be extremely useful for all dishes that contain cumin: from soup to cheese, especially good tea with cumin and 1,111,114. melissa
. Potato soup with caraway roots can be included in the daily menu patients prostate adenoma.

Ibn Sina in the Canon of Medicine "also paid attention cumin, dedicating this plant the following lines: "... It stops vomiting, helps digestion. Decoction of seeds drives urine, soothes the pains in intestines, stops the selection of semen. A woman sat on his broth, benefiting at pains in the uterus. If you fry the cumin seeds and make them medicinal bandage protruding pochechuynye (gemorroynye) cones, it kills them. Cumin kills worms, if you drink it the seeds ... "

 Of course, the great Avicenna meant antihelminthic effect insists on the fruit of caraway. Indeed, cumin has a sufficiently broad range of medical action. But most doctors prescribe medication cumin in spastic conditions and violations of bowel function, mainly composed carminative, stomach, mouth-watering (for better appetite) fees.