What summer resident. What to do in October?

What summer resident. What to do in October? That ended in summer season. October - mid-autumn and the turning point between summer and winter. In the first half of the month is still collecting the last crop, and the second we are already in full swing preparing the site to meet the winter cold. Weather increasingly is cool, with morning frosts, which seem to us to customize quickly to complete seasonal work.

Pozdnezimnie varieties of apple and pear trees are in need of a long growing season for the fully ripe fruit. Therefore, to begin their harvest until October, to 1,111,112. feast of the Protection of 11,111,125. (October 14). The harvest is made in dry weather, the fruit immediately stack the boxes and placed in a cool place, but with the onset of cold transfer to the basement for winter storage. Although apples and pears on the branches are able to move short-term freezing to - 6 ° C, it is better to avoid it. Lower temperatures damage the structure of the pulp, such fruits are very poorly kept.

At the same time, gather berries Aronia A little later start to harvest quince, which matures only in the middle of the month.

After harvesting the fruits begin to preventive work against diseases and pests of the garden. Trees and shrubs treated with medication after a weak first frost. Sprayed their entirety, including leaves, branches and trunks and fallen leaves on the ground. Such preventive measures significantly reduce the incidence of the garden next year.

Autumn trees and shrubs is increased growth and strengthening of the root system. Therefore, during prolonged dry weather, the garden should be watered abundantly. Producing organic garden fertilizer or phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Rows of strawberries dug with the introduction of organic or wood ash. After the first frost removed and placed on the ground vine whip, after removing the leaves and unripe stems (they are green in contrast to the brown ripe). The fact that later in the cold weather 1,111,116. grape shoots 11,111,125. become very brittle and break easily when you try to put them on the ground.

At the end of the month in the dry warm weather belyat trunks and thick branches of skeletal lime solution or a special paint for the whitewashing of fruit trees. Why does this have to do is fall? Because the only way the trees will be protected from sunburn, which often occur in February and March, and lead to cracking of the cortex, and subsequently to disease. Spring is whitewashing is purely cosmetic.

At least, when the garden is fully defoliation, to make the final cleaning, raking leaves and the remains of leaves and grass, so they are not attracted to the area of rodents in the winter. At the end of the month conducting routine pruning of garden trees and shrubs obscuring space pruning pruning tar.

This month the right time for planting seedlings of fruit and berry trees and shrubs. Winter-hardy culture are planted directly on the permanent (смородина, крыжовник, Raspberries Some varieties of apple). A less winter-hardy plants at prikapyvayut uncovered meltwater area, after putting them in a pit at an angle of 45 degrees and almost completely covered with earth. In this case the bottom of the pit and their own seedlings carefully putting a spruce legs to protect from mice.

If the landing of any plan of young seedlings in the spring, then in October - the best time to prepare them for planting pit. In this case you need to know that planting young seedlings in place of old trees can not be due to exhaustion of the soil and the accumulation of harmful microorganisms that are specific to each culture. New landing pit digging no closer than 1,5 m to this place. Her carefully filled in the necessary organic or mineral fertilizers and left so until spring.

The bark of young trees - a favorite snack in the winter time for rodents. Especially harmful to mice gnawing the whole cerebral cortex at the very base of the trunk under the snow. To protect the tree trunks are wrapped with different materials: ruberoid, fir, spruce branches, nylon, use metal cylinders. This remedy should be necessarily deepen the soil at 5-10 cm below the surface, and the earth plainly trodden carefully. It is unacceptable to use for this purpose polyethylene film! Spruce spruce branches or nylon - the best variant that does not require additional operations. The mice will not touch them, and do not bark podopreet, when the sun begins to warm. But the use of roofing felt should be put under a cloth or burlap, and the top must whitewash that there is no overheating of the barrel. Metal cylinders of height about 50 cm of soft folded sheet and set in such a way that was a gap between the cortex and the metal not less than 3-5 cm, pushing them into the soil to the desired depth.

In October, complete harvest of all crops in the open. Prior to the onset of severe frost is removed late cabbage and the remaining roots. Harvest the soil for future plants, picking up its not infected with disease areas. But in any case will need to give it a good freeze through the winter.

Autumn continues digging the soil with the introduction of organic or mineral fertilizers. Prepare beds for planting cold-resistant crops podzimnego: dill, onions, beets, parsley , Lettuce, spinach, radish, carrots, celery, and others planted winter garlic, if not already done so last month.

Now dig in the pots or boxes root leaf beet, parsley, celery, roots, sorrel and other crops that do [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-3238/] distillation of vitamin greens 11,111,125. in winter.

In the first half of October, complete выкопку клубнелуковиц гладиолусов, посадку весеннецветущих луковичных растений, если еще не сделали это в сентябре. При дневной температуре не ниже 5°С они успеют хорошо укорениться и подготовиться к зиме. Георгины , Tuberous begonias dig in dry weather, and put out to dry for 2-3 days before laying of the deposit. Cut and harbor Hybrid Tea roses, clematis removed from the poles, twist in the ring and laid on the ground. Pletistye roses at the end of the month upon the occurrence of sustained cold weather is also laid on the ground, surrounding spruce spruce branches. Unripe shoots and the leaves must be removed. Root zone of these crops to till dry peat or sawdust to a height of about 20 cm

Overground part of annual and perennial flowers after yellowing removed from the site. Peony is cut only after their leaves themselves will fall to the ground. Depending on the weather at the end of the month they are covered with dry peat or humus in the winter. So do with other perennials (lilies, флоксы, ромашки, колокольчики и др.). Теплолюбивые кустарники (форзиция, вейгела, рододендрон и др.) также соответствующим образом утепляют в преддверии холодов.

This month, continuing care and lawn. Since it requires regular raking fallen leaves, so that it does not become a hotbed of fungal diseases and has not caused podoprevanie grass.

  Warning What is primarily on the climate zone of the central zone and contains only very general recommendations. Therefore, everyone should correct them in accordance with their personal selection of plants and specific weather and climatic conditions in their region.