What summer resident. What to do in December?

What summer resident. What to do in December? Winter, archive documents is 1 December, but in nature every year it comes in different terms. The first frost is often replaced by thaws, and still winter gradually comes into its own. Sleeps nature, sleeps our garden ... But this summer visitor does not relax and watch over their wintering area.

In December, usually formed stable snow cover, river and lake ice-shackles. This month is the most cloudy in the year, yielding only a few sunny days. This is the period with the shortest day and longest night. But the earth still holds stocks of summer heat, so frequent thaws, adversely affecting the status of wintering plants.

As soon as the snow comes time, you need to securely hide plantations земляники, используя всё, что поспособствует задержанию снега на земляничных грядах. В это время проверяют укрытия на винограднике pours and snow here. With a roll of wet snow or thaw trampled him near the trunks of fruit trees to protect them from mice. During the winter, this operation must be done several times.

In early winter, with a sharp decrease in air temperature may damage the roots of trees, especially frozen in past winters. After all this time, the roots still continue to supply water to the aboveground part. To protect from frost around these trees pours plenty of snow. And if he had not yet fallen, mulching tree trunks pereprevshy manure or peat layer about 10 cm Due to this, the soil temperature decreases not abruptly but gradually. Likewise, warm and the roots for winter prikopannyh young seedlings.

Prior to the onset of severe frosts harvest cuttings of fruit trees for spring vaccinations. After a heavy snowfall from the branches gently shake off the snow, warning them stripping and breakup. In winter the bare branches of trees are well looked curdled dried leaves - a winter nests zlatoguzki, boyaryshnitsy and 1,111,116. Pests [/url] . In each of them a lot of overwintering larvae, which will spring for their malicious work. These slots must be carefully collected and burned. At the same time removed and the remaining from the summer and autumn, dried and shriveled.

During the long evening in December resulted in order and packed collected in autumn and dried seeds of vegetables and flowers, providing them with inscriptions with the name of sorts. Corms Gladiolus after drying, are laid out on a cloth or paper bags and placed in storage in a dry place at 5 8 degrees. To test the safety of others dug for storage of flowers, Root vegetables, apples and pears.

With the coming heating season, residents of the private sector, self-tank heating their homes, can collect древесную золу, которая пригодится весной для удобрения участка. В декабре пора позаботиться и о птицах, регулярно подсыпая корм в развешанные заранее кормушки .