What summer resident. What to do in January?

What summer resident. What to do in January? New Year, Christmas, Old New Year ... Holidays are a relaxing and pass unnoticed. And very few people these days recalls his garden plot. But it is only at first sight during the winter it does not require much trouble. If the cottage - your real hobby, you'll find than they do in January.

There is still the main concern - to accumulate more snow in the tree trunks of fruit trees and shrubs. In extreme cold it is desirable to earth the snow and trunks of trees in the winter with little snow hill and shrubs 1,111,114. currant [/url] , Gooseberry, raspberry bushes, so as not podmerzla their root system, located in the upper soil layers. And in the case of heavy snowfalls shake the snow from the branches.

Holiday station and rodents almost inseparable from each other. And do not curse the hungry rabbits, if they are something you pogryzli: they are the same too, need something to eat to survive. You'd better not be lazy and to periodically check the reliability of the autumn trees harnesses, and if necessary correct it. In the thaw should be systematically trample down the snow on tree trunks (approximately within a radius of 50-70 cm) to the mouse is not getting to the trunk of trees, and a circular groove, where prikopany until the spring of young seedlings.
Sometimes the snow-sprinkled в декабре грядки садовой земляники сейчас снова оголяются из-за сдувания снега и дополнительных укрытий ветром. В малоснежную зиму эта культура может вымерзнуть, потому что её корни расположены неглубоко и без укрытия легко подмерзают. В таких случаях необходимо срочно всё исправить и добавить на грядки снега или дополнительно укрыть подходящим материалом. Не помешает набросать побольше снега и на укрытый на зиму виноград . The same work if necessary and carry out in the garden, if there is a wintering perennials.

Do not forget to regularly check in the basement storage crops, flowers and tubers harvested in the autumn cuttings for spring grafting. By the way, if you want, then prepare cuttings can still be in the warm January days.

A quiet winter evenings you can take your time to conduct an audit of existing stocks and to plan necessary purchases: семена, удобрения для выращивания рассады и для участка, защитные средства от вредителей и болезней, садово-огородный инвентарь . Available seeds is time to check on safety, germination and germination.

It's time to begin to prepare the ground for sowing the seeds for sprouts: placing a heat harvested in the autumn and winter frosted over land from its site or choose a suitable ground in the store. But remember that garden, and purchase land needed in the preliminary preparation to avoid contamination of tender shoots with various diseases. Before sowing the seeds needs to be carefully proparit in a water bath or ignited in the pan in the oven.

In January of daylight gradually increases and reached a favorable time for planting different 11,111,114. greens [/url] by distillation (dill, parsley, celery, onion).

At the end of the month is already possible to plant the seeds for seedlings 0,000,003. . But it provided that you can provide additional lighting shoots. If this is not possible, it is better not to hurry up and wait for longer days of February.

In late January, more active metabolic processes in many indoor plants that remain in the winter alone. It is necessary to closely monitor the beginning of awakening and if necessary perform transplants and a bit fatten them. Require particular attention 11,111,120. cacti [/url] : They may already appear first buds - such instances should be moved from the cool stud-farm in a warm room.

And more. Do not forget to 11,111,122. feed [/url] wintering birds! Insectivorous birds need our help, especially in icy conditions and after heavy snowfalls. On such days they can not feed themselves because of icing branches, and many simply die of hunger.
Some people take to help to predict the weather. Circles around the moon - for prolonged frost. Red foggy sunset - to the hard frost. Sparrows quiet - to be snow, raschirikalis - thaw. If the morning tits raspischalis - at night the frost hit. If the smoke column rises up - to frost, and if the glass in the windows fogged up - to heat. Thick snow came - cold end.