What summer resident. What to do in March?

What summer resident. What to do in March? March came and with it added, and a summer resident cares - it's time circumstantially to do business on the plot. Weather in March is often unstable: that the sun warms, and then again to freeze and snow zaveet. Therefore, the first step is to examine critically their own and depending on the prevailing weather conditions to plan further action.

In the first half of the month are frequent swings in temperature, damaging bark of garden trees. And if not turned their whitewash 1,111,112. February [/url] , Then you need to do so as soon as possible. For the same reason - to avoid sunburn - should not be too early to remove piping from the trunks, it is better to remove it in the second half of the month, and preferably in cloudy weather.

Prior to the beginning of active sap flow and swelling of the kidneys to make pruning trees and shrubs. But it can begin only after a pass from the probability of return of cold weather below -10 degrees. Samu pruning is carried out at a temperature not lower than -5 degrees, preferably - in the days of thaw. Remove badly damaged and broken branches, if necessary, is aiming at the crown. In the currant bushes are pruned by 1/3 the length of last year's growth. This will facilitate the growth of lateral shoots, which formed the harvest. Places trimming and pruning wounds carefully daubed tar or oil paint on a natural drying oil.

When the soil in the tree trunks was clear of snow and slightly thawed, you can make fertilizer for young trees and berry bushes - mineral or organic fertilizers. Prior to bud bushes, trees, berries prophylactic treat 3% solution of Bordeaux fluid. If in your region during the flowering gardens are serious frosts, resulting in damage to the ovaries, then you can use the following trick. In the tree trunks trampled snow and sprinkle it with manure, peat, sawdust, a layer about 15 cm This "snow blanket will melt slowly and will for some time delay the onset of flowering and push it on those terms, when the frost danger passes returnable.

With the arrival of the first warmth of spring should be carefully monitored, so that the garden does not stagnate in snowmelt, because there is little oxygen that is harmful to the roots of trees. In addition, the flooded area in the soil accumulate harmful to plant material. It is therefore essential to make timely grooves for water drainage. Of all the crops especially afraid of prolonged flooding 1,111,114. strawberry [/url] She also vyprevayut under the ice crust formed after heavy frosts. This crust on the strawberry beds should be regularly crashing.

 What summer resident. What to do in March? Первые цветы.... (Фото: И. Лукьянчик, личный архив) После полного схода снега на участке сгребают и сжигают всю оставшуюся с осени листву и мусор, приводят в порядок цветники, где уже к концу месяца появляются первые вестники весны – подснежники .

No part of waking up from hibernation, the owners are beginning to sow the seeds of various vegetable seedlings. After about 8 March - the optimum time for planting tomatoes. To calculate for themselves the exact date, you must proceed from the fact that it is best planted in the ground Tomatoes no older than 55 days. The older seedlings, the longer it adapts after transplantation, and this delays the start time of fruiting. That should make a countdown of the expected date of planting plants on the street, adding a few more days at the time to emergence.

At the end of the month begin to vernalization potatoes: seed tubers are spread thinly in a bright warm room. If there are not many use shallow boxes or cartons, which are spread the potatoes in one layer. Very good results are obtained even further assign the small amount of loose soil, peat or sawdust and a light dusting of wood ashes. Periodically tubers moisten with water and adding any growth factor (eg, NOx peat). As a result, the time of landing in the ground are a kind of rice seedlings with thick, sturdy shoots and excellent root system, which greatly speeds up germination and to obtain 11,111,114. the first harvest of 11,111,119. .

In March sown for seedlings and seeds of cabbage, various greens, flowers, annual flowers. And at the end of the month, weather permitting, you can even arrange somewhere in the garden on the south side and land тепличку 0,000,003. a film in the open ground.