How to avoid the "Battle of the harvest" at their summer cottage? Potato. Training

How to avoid the "Battle of the harvest" at their summer cottage? Potato. Training Also to me the news - potatoes! Yes, as you all know about him? Oh, and how to dig up a bucket of potatoes with two or three bushes? And if the beginning of June? To dig up - should grow. So I want to tell you how to do it without the "heroism". Since the level of your preparedness in this regard is unknown to me, let's start from scratch.

For plants need heat, light, water, elements of soil nutrition and carbon dioxide in the air. None of these conditions can not be deleted or replaced by another. To get high yields, it is necessary to ensure the plant with all necessary. The hardest thing to deal with this situation is providing warmth. But it can be adjusted within certain limits.

Let me one very important point on, so to speak, obscheovoschnuyu topic. Nobody ever got to the highest possible yield, which can give the plant. Why? Because, despite all our efforts, there is always a flaw in one of the above growth conditions. The key to this - correctly identify the factor which may lead to the greatest losses 1,111,112. Harvest [/url] . Primarily it has to be optimized.

Here is an example. One day, arriving early in the spring to the country, I saw that my neighbor planting potatoes. How so? Before me? Naturally, grab their buckets and ran to the garden. Running on it with hot ten meters, stopped because my legs collapsed to his knees in the mud ... I'm puzzled look in the direction of a neighboring garden. Neighbor calmly walked on it.

I'll tell you a secret. It paved the boards themselves track of them and went. Why am I telling? The fact that the potatoes she had this time was not increased, even though she faithfully nursed her all summer. The soil at planting was too wet and cold. Part of potatoes simply not up, the rest was very weak. Further efforts were in vain. She can not even dug in the fall.

How to provide all the necessary conditions? As for heat, one way out - to carry out planting in the optimum time. Monitor while soil moisture. To the plants get enough sunlight, simply do not zaguschaetsya landing and combat weeds, if they exist. Mineral nutrition will ensure the introduction of complex fertilizers at planting. If the summers are hot and dry, potato yield decreases sharply. To avoid this, you need timely watering. A sufficient concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will ensure the application of organic fertilizers.

 How to avoid the "Battle of the harvest" at their summer cottage? Potato. Training Flowering Potatoes (Photo: E. Sudneko,
 Talk about 11,111,118. seed [/b] . "What goes around - then you reap!" - Not our idea. But personally, I have checked. If you think that the seeds - it is the smaller potatoes, which you dug last year, I must disappoint you. Of course, you can put it, but I recommend you buy elite seed . Especially since you have not done this long ago, right? If you can not buy them on the entire plot, and buy at least a few kilograms. Of these, you will be able to grow in sufficient quantities of planting material for next year. Sell them in garden stores.

I do not buy the first year of elite seeds, and believe me, returns to the yield and quality of potatoes enormous. Buy seeds at first reproduction elite with a certificate of the manufacturer - usually Seed Institute. Then from the resulting crop may be two or three years to select potatoes for planting. It will be too elite, but the second and third reproduction. For the fourth year to plant the same potatoes are worth - the harvest will be worse.

 How to avoid the "Battle of the harvest" at their summer cottage? Potato. Training "Alvar" - dug up a bush (Photo: E. Sudneko,
 Now, about 11,111,118. potato varieties 11,111,119. . We in Belarus, for example, there are Seed Institute in the village Samokhvalovichy, near Minsk. He produces elite seeds. However, despite the patriotic feelings, I must say that I advise you to buy the seeds of German breeding. And I recommend to only two relatively new medium early varieties 11,111,118. "Coretta" and "Alvar" [/b] .

Tubers "Coretta" yellow, round, slightly rough, bush low - up to 70 cm high, flowers white. Inside the tuber yellow. Y "Alvaro" tubers red, oblong, pink flowers, shrub height of 80 cm inside the tuber is dark yellow.

Both varieties have good taste. Starch content in tubers up to 16%. Potatoes are two kinds of well-aligned size. Almost no small tubers and not too large. Their form is correct, his eyes small. Productivity is high. Y "Alvaro" a little higher, but fell on the bushes "Coretta", which was to sixty standard tubers! Was stored potatoes well. Tubers do not fade, do not darken inside.

I keep trying different varieties and I must say that the variety of local breeding yield higher recommended. I do not advise you as to plant late varieties of potato. Despite the fact that they have a higher yield than earlier. Only you do not get this crop. Because the field, broken into plots, is a monstrous mix of everything and anything planted there. And when Phytophthora begin in early varieties of potatoes grown on the neighboring areas, it is a little time to start on your later varieties.

In addition, you must be prepared for the fact that Colorado beetles After the early potatoes in the neighboring areas are dry, wander off on your later a green and will eat it with gusto. Therefore, late potatoes in such mixed fields wither not much later than the early and proper crop does not. Especially when you consider that the early potatoes from planting to harvest is 60-80 days, while the later 120-150, it is understandable that the latter simply did not have time to grow.

About storage of the seeds I will note only that they should be stored at a temperature not lower than 5 degrees. For earlier harvest potato seeds already somewhere in the middle of March to be transferred in a bright room with a temperature of 10-15 degrees. It is better if the potatoes will be in boxes. In the warmth of the potato growing season begins - germinate dormant buds. The Light need to germs were not too long. In the dark they are strongly stretched and break off. In light of the same form short and thick, strong green sprouts. If you buy elite seeds, they also need to put the couch.