What summer resident. What to do in April?

What summer resident. What to do in April? Finally came the warm sunny days are, nature wakes up, and summer resident fell on him at once as many different cases of paramount importance, it is no wonder that in a hurry something and miss. After all the spring work on the plot must be done in your life so that we get a good harvest. Let's talk about the most important ...

In April, begin active vegetation fruit trees and shrubs. As soon as the soil dries out, you need to clean the barrel of dead bark, to update whitewash In tree trunks during the digging to make fertilizer. Be sure to remove the branches unnoticed last year's results, so they do not become breeding grounds for infection. As soon as possible, until proklyunulis kidneys to sprinkle the tops of the trees and shrubs with solutions of drugs against diseases and pests.

 What summer resident. What to do in April? Wood anemone (Photo: J. Lukyanchikov, personal archive)
 And some gardeners to bud spend processing bush currants and gooseberries hot (70 degrees) water, quickly drenching their branches a shower of heads. This event is a pretty good effect on the future of vegetation and helps to destroy waking up in the spring of pests.

April - the best time for planting seedlings of trees and shrubs for vaccinations. If you are unable to make pruning berry bushes in March, do it now.

In the garden is now the main thing - quality and time to prepare the ground for planting crops planned. Scattered on the ground, organic fertilizer should immediately plow the ground, that there is no loss of nutrients. By the end of the month, if the weather is warm and the soil is sufficiently warmed, many vacationers are usually planted already, most vegetable crops.

But no need to hurry with sowing seeds in open ground and planting seedlings in the greenhouse. Early warming is often replaced by a cold snap and the return spring frosts destroy the young shoots. Yes, and sowing seeds in warm soil, not retards their germination. And early planted seedlings grow poorly, because its root system is suffering from the cold soil and can not actively nourish plants.

In gardening garden chores do not need to forget about the flower, which until the late fall will be decorating station. He, too, need our attention after a long hibernation. First you must remove the extra shelter and razokuchit perennials and ornamental shrubs, so they do not vypreli. This primarily concerns roses, rhododendrons, клематисов, гортензий . Shelter over perennials can be the first time, simply lift for ventilation, but did not shoot as long as the night frost. Opening the plant completely, do not forget for a few days of their pritenit, especially wintered with green leaves, to avoid sunburn.

 What summer resident. What to do in April? Fistulina hepatica blooming one of the first ... (Photo: J. Lukyanchikov, personal archive)
 It is best to remove the shelter in cloudy weather, but if you can not visit on the site daily, it is better to play it safe and slightly pritenit all open plants. This same requirement is retained for ornamental conifers, from which spring shoot stud. Needles can also get sunburn and turn yellow.

All perennials and bulbs culture after snowmelt should fatten the mixture of mineral fertilizers. Granules sprinkled around the plants and are buried in the soil, podryhliv it.

In April, is already possible to divide and transplant perennials flower: пионы, флоксы , Hosts, астильбы, ирисы, лилейники, многолетние астры, золотарник and others. This month, sow in open ground cold-hardy annuals: Mattioli, Nemesio, stocks, cornflowers, ornamental grasses, eshsholtsiyu, poppies, Cosmo, Iberis. In the case of lowering the temperature of the place can be planted to cover spanbond.

 What summer resident. What to do in April? Daisies (Photo: J. Lukyanchikov, personal archive)
 In the spring you can often observe a squeezing of the soil clumps primulas , Daisies, myosotis and some other plants. In such a case podsypat to their roots, mixed with humus soil.

April - a good time to divide large korneklubney dahlias . Germinated cuttings can be used for breeding, cutting out the germ, along with a piece of the tuber. He put in a separate container and place in a warm light place for rearing. At the end of the month are due landing in open ground gladioli corms. Appeared shoots later in the night frosts harbor or just earth soil.

It's time to pay attention and rock garden . With their clean dry leaves, stems and other debris. Ground cover plants are cut to size, make the replanting of new instead vymerzshih in the winter.

Do not forget about the lawn. When he had sufficiently dried out, it is necessary to comb rake, removing the remnants of dry grass and leaves. This soil is slightly podryhlyaetsya, saturated with air. Then you can sprinkle on the lawn granules of nitrogen fertilizer and grass seed if you want to make an additional seeding.