What we know about the onion?

What we know about the onion? On the "artificial" tears often say: "Woe Onion" because essential oils, which contain this vegetable, when sliced irritate mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. They also determine a specific, very resistant smell of onions, because of what they do not eat onions, going to work, visit, and even more so for a date.

Here, perhaps, and all its unpleasant properties, while useful - much more. They have been known since ancient times, when this vegetable appeared on our table. Homeland onion - Middle East, from where he came first in Egypt, then to Rome, Greece and other countries, including Russia. Today we know about 400 species of onion, a little more than half of them growing in our country.

Already in ancient times, people believed that the bow protects against disease. When cases of the epidemic, of onions hung in every house. There are eyewitness accounts and that those who ate a daily onions, do not become ill or plague, or typhoid.

Today, these miracles explanation was found. In the onion discovered volatile substances - phytoncides destroying bacteria. That is why during the influenza epidemic should have more onions, chew on it for 2-3 minutes several times a day, onion juice lubricate the nasal passages from the outside. During the common cold and SARS useful to invest a few hours in the nasal passages (but not deep!) Pieces of onion and garlic, wrapped in cotton wool or two layers of gauze bandage.

Here is another recipe. Grate onion on the fine grater and place in a glass and put it in a pan of hot water. A glass cover with a funnel made of paper, and through its narrow end breathing alternately one or the other nostril for 5 minutes 3-4 times a day. And you can breathe and above the cut onion, bringing it close to his nose.

Roman and Greek soldiers claimed that the bow gives strength and courage. Travelers going long in the northern region, always stocked up onions, and some of those who did not do it, died from scurvy. Why? And the question now found the answer. Look - an excellent source of ascorbic acid and scurvy - a disease caused by deficiency of this vitamin in foods.

But there are lesser-known properties of onion. For example, some doctors believe that it is a good adaptogen, that is, helping to adapt to changing time zones. This is worthwhile to know first of all pilots and flight attendants. Of course, it is difficult to imagine an elegant, smiling stewardess, exude the smell of onions. But when the flight is completed and there is time to relax, why not take something as simple and effective way?

Onions have and anthelminthic action: with its help you can get rid of ascarids and pinworms. Before we turn to drugs, try a folk remedy. Eat on an empty stomach onion, cut it, you can of herring, and then take a laxative to cleanse the bowel.

Look - it is also a good expectorant, if you mix grated onion mixed with honey and take on a teaspoon 4-5 times a day. And if you are bitten by a mosquito or a gadfly, attach to the place bitten half svezherazrezannoy bulbs, and the pain immediately decreased. How can you not remember the Russian proverb - "Look - from seven disease. In the East they say: "Look, in your arms held every disease."

At the same time a wonderful onion flavor. Here are two recipes for a savory salad.

  Lettuce sea.
Large onion immerse for 2 minutes in boiling water. Then finely chop. Add chopped cooked or canned squid, half-teaspoon of spice, hops suneli, mix, season with salt to taste, season with vegetable oil.

  Salad onion.
Large onion or 2 medium finely chop, obleyte, putting in a colander, boiled water, then cold water, wring out. Cut the two hard-boiled eggs. Shred the apple on a coarse grater and a little cheese. Stir, season with salt to taste and season with vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

And we can proceed in a different way. Place the onions on a plate, brush it with mayonnaise, then chopped eggs, they, too, mayonnaise, then cheese, a layer of mayonnaise, top apple and mayonnaise. All neatly trim the spoon. And get a nice and spicy salad, which decorate the festive table.