How to find the initial capital?

  How to find the initial capital? [i] ... If the tips on achieving success cleaned from the BS, they all boil down to three words: "Work hard - and you will have happiness. And if I'm ready to work and without smart tips! And if I do it every day for twenty years! But what is the use of my works, if I do not have the initial capital? All my undertakings come to a standstill, because I can not find people who invest in projects of my money. Here and now is a great idea worth a million dollars bent, because I do not have twenty thousand to run ... 1,111,113. (From a letter)

Some of them are looking where to take the money. Others worried about where to invest money. On the one hand is dealt chorus of: "Give me money!", On the other: "Take my money, make them work, bring me a profit!".
The whole thing is that these cries are rarely heard in unison.
Because the poor do not give money. Money is the wealthy who already have them.
A vicious circle? Not at all. For most of the rich were once poor. And despite this fact they still made money. And the money allowed them to pass the path to riches in a few times faster than if they set aside a day for the ruble.
But give not because they asked a particularly persistent and plaintive, but because they managed to convince dengodateley that their money is not only not disappear, but rather, will multiply.

Well, first you must prove that you're a person worthy of trust. You must demonstrate that know how to handle money that you are a professional in the business that you are successful, if still a small business.
By the way, you yourself, honestly, believe that you have the knowledge and skills to implement their ideas? You have already organized something like that? Or is this your first experience?

Do you really believe that once you get twenty thousand, "everything will be alright"? Do you have a business plan, which shows that you need is 20,000, not 19 or 25?

And whether all this money at once? Perhaps it is possible to break the project into phases? After all, when you make repairs in the apartment, you do not spend all the money at once, you've probably stretching spending weeks and months - without compromising the case. And if so, then you may for the first six months are only 5,000, then another three and a half thousand, six months later five more, etc. And that means it can not start with a twenty, but with only five thousand.

And the honest answer to yourself on a very simple question: "And if I had sought 20 thousand dollars (of my dollars, not strangers!), I would have put them in such a case, if I were the case suggested that the other person?".

There were doubts? This is understandable. Other People's Money do not feel so sorry for wasting, such as those that lie peacefully in their own pocket. Whether you are on the spot a potential investor, you would look at capital seekers on the other side of the barricades. Here are people who want to take money from me. And where is the guarantee that they come back? The man to whom I gave the money, the failure simply shrug his shoulders - well, not much happened, it happens. I irrevocably lost 20 thousand.

But not all so hopeless. If you successfully answer the uncomfortable but necessary questions if it is proved (and will show the specific calculations) that deal worthwhile, if you make a written (not in words!) Study, the calculation of the real business plan, estimate, payment schedule, a plan for future sales then calmly go to the investor.

Where to find it? It could be your distant relative, an acquaintance of your friend, former classmate of your relative, in a word, a rich man, which is not so difficult to find on the chain.
He did not give money? And why should he not give, if you - I repeat! - Prove that he would receive with each dollar two, with no risk and no hassle? After all, investing their money in various businesses, he increases his capital. So help him (as well as myself) to earn new money. And he is pleased to support and following your exercise.