How can your money work for us?

  How can your money work for us? Many people faced with the need to borrow money to pay. Constant lack of money has made demand service loans. It is against this proposal, the banks in the organization of its representation in the new regions, turning people into slaves of money. And the money was originally functioned as an intermediary in the exchange of goods.

 Always there were people who knew how to make the money work for them. In the late 20 th century, they made a profit on the difference in exchange rates by buying dollars at low prices and selling when the rate increased.

 In recent years become popular investments in securities. As a rule, in the event. Ordinary shares give their owners a number of benefits: participation in enterprise management, the acquisition of share ownership, dividends. But did you know that the money can be returned only on successful business development, and a fixed term of no return?

 Another type of securities are units of investment funds. They are entitled to a portion of the securities of the Fund. As a rule, their asset-backed securities of various companies. There is one advantage to the shareholders: In the case of bankruptcy of one company can get benefit from cost-effectiveness of another.

 Shares, units - these securities is fixed ownership of a specific company, but there are securities that give the right for some of the debt of the enterprise. It notes, drafts, bonds. The Exchange Bond appeal. They enable enterprises to meet the fiscal deficit, and in case of bankruptcy of the owners of these securities is granted the preemptive right as compared with shareholders to return money.

 Less risky investment - is the opening of bank deposits. Cares about its reputation, many banks they insure. This will allow in the case of another banking crisis to indemnify customers.

 Along with investing in securities are investments in real estate. Tax authorities offset the cost of buying a new home, returning a portion of the tax paid during the year. Some buy cheap apartments to sell after repairs more expensive. Others prefer to invest the funds in the construction phase, as housing becomes more expensive at the time of delivery at home.

 Still others prefer to rent units for rent. Renting an apartment for rent, the owner receives payment based on the number of rooms and length of lease. Upon delivery of the office based on the number of square meters and the area in which they are building. Of course, the price of rent from the trading room or office higher than the apartment. But involves creating the necessary conditions for residence or business.

 Authors of articles, books, too, make money work for themselves, receiving royalties for published articles and books. To begin, select a genre, decide on the topic of future work. Communicating with nature inspire you to write a short story or article.

 Each person retains the right to choose its own path: to teach money work for himself or itself to serve money. Developed his own style of communication with the money!