How to lend money to?

  How to lend money to? What if I do not have enough money? The most common scenario - to borrow. Where? Can a bank, but have to pay interest, to seek bail, make out a pile of papers. Troublesome. How much easier to ask friends, colleagues, friends or relatives.

Most people are genuinely going to repay the debt in the near future. But circumstances are stronger than us, and now, fight the best friends, become enemies of the relatives. How to avoid such a situation? Do not lend? It is reasonable, but there are times when no help is impossible. Forget about the money lent? No, just have a good think about the procedure and arrange everything properly.

Receipt - most important debt instrument. Argued that the receipt, not notarized, it has no power. True. The court will consider any document. Here are just nuances without the signature of the notary is inevitable. For example, the refusal of the debtor's own signature, a reference to poor health or alcohol. But you never know what might come up with a man, if given a do not want. Of course, expertise can easily prove the authenticity of an autograph, but time will not be returned. And the cost of examination will be charged proving party. With favorable developments that money back. But when?

To address these nuances before they occur, better to issue a receipt and send the money in the presence of a notary. His signature guarantees the authenticity of the document and in case of problems with returns will help to avoid litigation: multiple sessions, witnesses, examinations, inspections and debate.

The law provides no specific requirements for the form of ADRs. But generally, in any form, it will specify the amount of debt, interest on money, repayment periods, possible penalties. Mandatory sentence of the receipt of the entire loan amount, date and signature of participants in the transaction - autographs with details. For reassurance is worth pointing passport data - little if namesakes. Signatures of witnesses will not prevent, but are not mandatory.

Reliable money-back guarantee is expensive property, an apartment or car. In this case, additionally executed a collateral agreement, recorded in the SAI, if the machine is laid or BRTI, if the object of pledge in favor real estate. This is to prevent attempts to quiet "dumping" of collateral in advance of non-compliance.

It is advisable to contract a pledge to provide the conditions for its early termination in case of change of the debtor, making the obvious impossibility of returning them to duty. For example, criminal liability, dismissal, divorce, etc.

Before you borrow, not hesitate to "vent" the financial position of their counterparts. For example, to require an income statement, information about bank deposits and the availability of property. Even if you do not have these details are important, their knowledge of "calms the soul, and unscrupulous borrower, submitting false information, will know that in the case of judicial proceedings would be held responsible not only for non-payment of debt, but also for forging documents.

Do not try to recover debts through "Bratkov. This is a risk of serious complications. Pushed to the wall, the debtor is under threat of violence, is likely to turn to law enforcement agencies, and you have to not only temporarily forget about the return of the debt, but also to answer for extortion or violence to life and health.

If so, and ask for help, the better the legitimate law firm that provides services to recover debts, called reservoir. The cost of their work depends on the complexity of the case. This is usually 10-15% of the debt, but can reach up to 50%.