Should I play the market?

  Should I play the market? All life - the game. If this phrase has become your motto, you will perceive every moment of life as a game that helps you reach a certain goal. For example, to raise revenue.

For this game fit on the stock exchange. It is similar to roulette. Only in the casino you bet, hoping for his luck, and, making investments, you have the opportunity to conduct a technical analysis of the situation on the securities market.

 As in any game, trading on the stock exchange has its own rules. Entering the game, you should first make their acquaintance. Playing on the exchange of personal rules would lead to defeat. So you have to comply with existing rules of trades. One of them: to buy securities when prices are falling, but there is a positive forecast for the development of this sector of the economy. Selling the paper should, when prices rise. At the price difference and you get income. Of course, you can profit from the dividends on shares. Then calculate how many years would it take to recover the cost of the dividends of the securities.

 In some games there are roll between the players. They are on the exchange. These are the orders: a limit, stop, stop limit, ig-order. Skillful use insures you against financial loss.

 Before the game calculated risk: the country (the change of state policy), the general economic (inflation, exchange rate change), economic (changes in growth selected sectors of the economy). Perhaps the deteriorated image of the enterprise in which you want to invest money. Rating agencies professionally calculate risks. This will help you determine what securities you start the game.

 Decide how long you intend to keep the paper: day, week, year. All players are divided into groups: long-term investors, medium, short-term speculators. From the period of your investment depends on style of play. Make a plan for future games. This third of your future victories.

 Jobbing - collective game. So, you have to type the command: dealers, market-makers, traders, securities ... The success of your game will depend on the professionalism of the broker. The criteria for selecting a broker are the level of commission, the turnover, as well as his place of work. Remarkably, if the broker provides insurance for the event of bankruptcy brokerage and has a license for the storage of customers purchased the securities.

 Now we have to choose a place for games - Marketplace: MICEX, RTS exchanges FORTS section or section guaranteed quotes RTS Stock Exchange. To play with stocks and bonds of Russian companies will approach the MICEX Stock Exchange. Decide with time. When do you plan to start their game? Severe environments hours are lunch and afternoon, as well as the opening exchanges.

 Thus, the objectives are defined, the rules are familiar, the team recruited, drafted a game plan, chosen style of trading, calculated risks. You found a place trades and determine when to start the game. It remains to decide for themselves the most important thing. Are you ready to move quietly lost?

 In gambling, as in any other game, there is a limitation: it must generate positive emotions. In case of loss You will not be offended by life! Just try to win next time. If your constant companions became resentment, feeling poor and miserable, then the game should stop. The outcome should serve as your victory. Successful investment!