How to save on gasoline?

  How to save on gasoline? Friends, in this article I want to tell you about the ten best ways to save money on gasoline. About them, I read in one article on the Internet and honestly say that some of the methods led to think, and some strongly raised spirits.

So you are now reading multifunction article - I hope it will not only laugh but also will reduce the column "Spending on fuel" in the family budget. Thus, the first board means the following.

  1. Refuel in the evenings.

According to certain studies, gas station inclined to share with us plenty of fuel for the same money at a lower temperature. Of course, this news should make us rejoice, the inhabitants of snowy Russia - just imagine how much more gasoline we receive, compared with a population of some of the Congo or Chad!

Thank you very much want to say 1,111,114. Valery Yakovlev [/url] , Indicating that the stationary gas stations tanks are underground, where temperatures during the day virtually unchanged. Valery advises not to refuel the summer immediately after the discharge of fuel from the fuel tanker for this reason, plus because of the elevated from the bottom mud. In the winter we get, of course, somewhat larger mass of the same volume of gasoline, but also costs more in winter car.

  2. Try not to resort to refuel.

This advice is motivated by the fact that if we pour into the tank a couple of liters of petrol pump petrol station is unable to earn at full capacity and do not join our tank as much as allowed. Maybe something in this idea is - stop drop in petrol tank every fifteen minutes, and rarely fill much.

  3. Look for filling with queues.

They say that the queue is usually sought in the Soviet Union - as a sign that the store is something "thrown". Here the motif of another - at the gas station with a large number of customers often change petrol in the fuel storage facility. Thus, the power of the motor will be higher than after your car "buy lunch" from the hose, which occurs with one machine per day. In addition, place - a sign that the filling works without diluting the petrol and "settings" counters.

  4. , Search, where prices are lower.

What happens is that located very close to each other refueling price differs by a few pennies. Multiply that difference by the number of liters consumed per year - and the amount will not be so very small.

  5. Keep the pressure in the wheels.

Of course, the measurement of pressure in the tires - not the most pleasant of occupations motorist amateur. But the flat tire requires more effort to rotate, and greater effort leads to greater consumption of gasoline. For especially thrifty owners for four friends developed special tires with low rolling resistance (Low-rolling resistance tires). Their use reduces fuel consumption by 1,5-4,5%.

  6. Buy only the gasoline needed.

The logic is clear - Do not charge a tractor 92-m, and "Oka" 95-m gasoline.

  7. Tightly screw the lid of the fuel tank.

Good indoor tank prevents the evaporation of its own content in the atmosphere, and your money - the budget of Lukoil. Another way to reduce evaporation - park in the shade.

  8. Do not abuse conditioning.

Climate control and air conditioning during their work significantly increase the consumption of gasoline. An alternative to these fruits of technical progress - an open window, door, or included in the cigarette lighter fan. Perhaps a way to save not all rejoice, but its effectiveness is obvious.

  9. Avoid emptying tank.

In addition to such "nice" moments, as the search for precious petrol in the middle of the night tracks in the woods or traffic congestion during rush hour, a small amount of petrol in the tank reduces the efficiency of the engine. Ideally, the need to refuel after the indicator shows filling the tank at 1/4.

  10. On weekends the prices are higher.

I think that in Russia the advice of American specialists is not working.