How to make money online?

  How to make money online? "Can I earn in the Internet?" "How to make money online?" "Earn Money Online.
These topics are on almost every forum, such phrases are driven by thousands of websites in the search string search engines, published numerous books and pamphlets with names such as electronic and paper form, so the question is almost everyone who spends the web for some time.

Man is constantly striving to increase their income, and with the development of the Internet appears more and more opportunities to do so without leaving home. This beautiful dream of every user - make the Internet pay money to them while in your favorite chair, where there are no bosses, where the man on his own. And in the future - bright life without problems. Dream? Utopia? And if not?

No, this is not a fairy tale, make the Internet - is real, and somewhat simpler than offline, but the first thing to learn - to get something, you need something to give. Freebie no. It is a fact. World Wide Web is replete with advertisements promising huge profits, even if the user will not do anything. You just buy a "nominal fee" a package (programs, services, information ... or something else), and you were strewn hills and valleys.

 But you must admit, who would voluntarily give away money left and right? In general, companies operating on the principle - "Give ten, a thousand" is to stay away, as the web, and in real life. Unfortunately, many users come across on these promises, and spend their money. But then quickly turns out that the same package of information or programs available online, absolutely free. And the real return on purchased services is hundreds of times less.

To get something on the Internet, you need something to give. And to give something, you need to have something. Knowledge, money, goods, time. If you have any of the proposed list, earning the web for you is definitely not a myth. The main thing to find now, where you can exchange your property for cash.

If you have knowledge, you have the Internet many prospects for earnings. If you have an excellent Web-designer, a programmer, you just need to make efforts to trying to find the advertisement on the Internet. Many start-ups need web-page, you need the money. Some want to create an addition, plug-in to the program, sharpened by their needs, and you again need the money. To appeal to you more customers, create your website or register at multiple sites freelancers.

If you are a talented journalist or a qualified specialist in any field, from psychology to computer science - you should search sites where you can sell your reviews, articles, reviews. It is also possible tutoring and assistance in writing dissertations for students, not free, of course. The main thing that you could anything to offer high quality, and a little more aggressively this offer, the buyer of your services can be found.

If you have money you can earn by playing on various stock exchanges or simply exchange rates. However, like to warn: to do something to win, you must know how to play. And if you have trouble to examine the entire mechanism of the game, you can just invest in a variety of promising projects, getting the percentage of profits. You can earn by doing the sale of goods on online auction sites, il just buy goods and services in one place, sell them in another, getting a profit. Finally, you can just play in all kinds of lotteries and casinos.

That is, you should be prepared to initially lay out any amount, which in itself implies a certain risk, and considerable. For example, at a certain stock exchange FOREX, according to statistics, are losing money for more than 90% of the players. But the other side is that if used the money can be received and huge profits.
If you have any goods, then the earnings for you is obvious - to find a buyer who offers the highest price for this product. That is, to put the goods up for auction. Sometimes it is also possible nonmonetary exchange - a rare, but may exchange their goods for something more profitable for yourself.