How to make all left you alone? Lesson 2 for future billionaires.

  How to make all left you alone? Lesson 2 for future billionaires. Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?
Dreams are gone, left filth.

In these two lines describe the life of the vast numbers of people.

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I hope all your wishes (as long as only material) were written, the money "on Zhist" counted.

Now, in theory, something must be done. Why not jump easily to you fish from the pond. Nothing will become of what you need if you're not doing anything. However, the result will be the same if not worse, if you do not like what you need, and want someone else! You simply enrich others, and earn a market average salary for your profession, which is enough for food, dressing, and pay the bills (with credit). Even in countries which we call a habit developed because the vast majority of the population lives.

The salary is, but what we believe wealth, at least, in its monetary equivalent, no.

Nor will it, if you go by standard means as are all. After all, if the market many of the same goods, to calculate the market value of one of them very easily. It is necessary only to compare this product with others and find out it is better or worse, or worse, and how. Then some of the qualitative characteristics define the target audience, the demand from the audience and the approximate price. Standard procedure, even a computer program, the very least to cope (with a sufficiently large and unbiased database.).

But if the product unique? Well, there is no market! How much does it cost? Nobody knows. The same Donald Trump, when developed the concept trampavilley, was certainly not the first. But by making its own distinction, he quickly sold (and expensive!) Shares of the company, while the people did not understand what the proposal in principle, the standard. So, Donald Trump was a billionaire, but millions of shareholders have become poorer by about 40%.

But let us return to our sheep, ie villas, yachts and daily breakfast at the Metropole. True, all this while only on paper. How to turn your scribbles now from notebooks (notebooks) in hard cash, and then in such absolutely necessary you things?

The first rule, without which it is simply impossible to acquire at least any significant money states (I do not take into account the gain in the lottery or a sudden inheritance) - this ... Well, what do you think? No, not at all.

This is - free time. Daily allocation of time when you no one will interfere with - the main source of its successful launch in society is very (or very, very) wealthy people.

So, select a time. It is better if it would be every day, and about the same time period. After some time (about three weeks), the body will get used to, and at this time will, sometimes without any effort on your part, to enter into a creative state.

Here are just first have to suffer! And strong. For myself I know!
First, for the privilege of "doing nothing" You have to wage a real war with their families. Yes, yes! They will always try to tear you away from this overarching (without the quotes) classes.
Especially children. These Fidget did not understand that you terminate on polumysli or trampling shoots her as a well-off future. Persuade, appeal to the conscience, swear, bitchy - useless! You will be especially difficult in the early days. Then, gradually, get used to your "strange", and it will be easier!

Do you know how to turn children otvlekateley and even the torturers in associates and business partners? Yes, yes! Business partners! Doing business with them. Tell your children that you hear about a new, fantastic game. Explain in language accessible to, how to calculate what they need for life, help them to use their notebooks with the calculations. Gathered every evening on board and start a brainstorming session on "how to make money on this or that thing (goods and services). After spending some time on this training, you will not lose it (time), and gain, and repeatedly.

• First, you simply stop and let children and adults. You do not idle, and with children playing. It seems to be in charge.
• Secondly, the children - a huge, just an endless source of original ideas. In addition, there is no more appreciative audience for your "delusions of some billions".
• Third, you teach children to think outside the box, solve problems and not dully execute someone else's orders. Then they simply can not live like everyone else! So you give your children a huge competitive advantage in their future life.

So, the time allotted, the children (if they exist) are connected to the creative process, close you do not touch. Trained to do that ... Well, no one bothers, but some people still helps.

What do I do next?

There is time, and what to do with it? You have to think. What - is known. In the notebook recorded.
But how?
After all, when you look telecom, for you all thought about the director, to work for you, thought boss (boss), in the company's business as usual, by tradition, and so on, away, away ...

Because I think something in our way, in milliarderski?