I believe chain letters, promising miracle prizes?

  I believe chain letters, promising miracle prizes? No one is immune from getting in the mail of some of the next "Miracle Letters", because for this purpose, any address! And the most successful in this versatile company involved in sending promotional catalogs and delivery of goods by mail.

 Company "Club Mail", for example, offers not only the international bestseller for 299 rubles (one and all for one price!) And more funds for hair, nails, weight loss, "antipohmelin" with a loud name "Bison" and stimulant "Force train virility. Deciphering these things can not be called, or get something not very decent!

 Firms such as "Evroshop", "Reader's Digest", "Post-shop", "World of hobbies and the like will not leave you alone until his death, especially if you have ever ordered from them to some directory. And an inexperienced person could easily tempt proposals such as "if your friend, acquaintance or relative make an order for an amount not less than 349 dollars, you get the prize!".

 For example, if you have persuaded his friend to fill in the special coupon and order "real LEATHER boots for real men", then you will get a prize such as an automatic camera (soap dish). Never mind that the soap is usually good for a couple of shots: we are accustomed, the main thing is not a gift, and attention.

 You can be tempted and to such a proposal: "You pay only 450 rubles, and receive goods by as much as 1800 rubles!". Below, in small print: "These products may have slight defects, which do not affect the consumer qualities. All goods destined for a given set, is deemed suitable to implement as a result of special expertise. (In other words, take, my God, that we do not unseemly!)

"If you enter the coupon size of their shoes, we'll take it into account when forming the box. These are on! They will try! However, 450 rubles - money small, but we must take into account "Attention! Products included in the set, there is no refund and exchange. " That's really cool! To hell with all laws and rights of consumers, he says, warning that the product - not fitness.

 But the main attraction of all postal rassylschikov - your participation in the lottery with many valuable prizes: from an electric toothbrush and a compact electric shaver to impressive sums of money and a car!

 Above all, anything ordered from the company to buy, fill out the coupon, send it on time, and soon you will come in a beautiful package the message that it is you main contender to win the car "Volkswagen Golf" or "Audi A4", by the way, any color which you prefer and, of course, with "leather" interior. Here again it is important to make a reservation, and you get a "confirmation document" that "the owner of this document is guaranteed to receive a large monetary prize in the festival. It sounds, right? And to become a real contender, you just have something else in order "company" ...

 After the last draw more money the festival, two of my friends got the same letter, in which it was reported that the amount of their winnings amounted to 30 (30) rubles. However, the firm benefactress stressed that for them personally is good news: the company's management decided to increase their winnings because they ostensibly are among the best clients of the firm Evroshop.

 "Imagine that you get more than 30, and 150 rubles, because you can order from the enclosed catalog up to 5 products at a discount of 30 rubles each.

 That is, no one will not receive prizes, until he will order something else. Thus, to infinity, and will spin the "wheel of fortune", bearing the popular name of "scam".

 Of course, in all these cases there are postal and pluses. One acquaintance, for example, bought the instructions for the production of soft toys at home. Take the matter thoroughly, but it all ended that sell toys made it could not and gave them to the nearest kindergarten. My neighbor, a former military man, bought the "classic jacket American pilots" from "Evroshopa" and occasionally flaunts it on the block. "A lot of whether we, pensioners, do you want?" - He is talking. And, in fact - jacket looks very nice. Distance. Almost like the real thing.