How to spend WebMoney?

  How to spend WebMoney? Sitting at home. Sick. And the mobile phone ran out of money. I have them at home and not use it, but I have a direct dial number - every day for its rent was withdrawn a certain amount. And I can call. What? Ask someone from home to go to pay or buy a card? No It's much easier.

On the computer open WM-keeper, click the appropriate label, enter your phone number, the desired amount - and the money is already on the phone bill. After a moment. Walking anywhere is not necessary.

We all get for articles published in "ShkoleZhizni», WMZ - equivalent of dollars. And many people know about all the possibilities to spend the money, besides paying for the phone or the Internet? The system of electronic payments WebMoney Transfer enables much.

First of all interests, whether electronic cash money? Yes. Even if you live in a remote corner of Russia, near a branch of Savings Bank or any other bank. You can transfer money to your savings account, and then have to spend. Simply complete the application for transfer their bank details and submit. During the day the money will be in your bank. Next time you saved form will be sufficient only to affix a transfer amount and click the button transfer. You can get the money and mail or wire transfer. If you do not have the money in rubles, they are easily exchanged for rubles with 1,111,112. this service is [/url] . Here, people exchange different currencies. And often, especially when in a hurry, offer advantageous exchange official.

But it's much easier just to get cash in exchange offices. There is a special site Where you can learn about the location of services in WM 4381 locations in 33 countries around the world (today). Choose the closest!

And about the countless ways to spend your money on electronic services and shopping without leaving home tell This page is . Most e-payments are not only convenient but also more profitable than normal.

For those who just want to keep for a while the money in the system WebMoney, a wide selection of purses for different currencies:

• WMR - equivalent of Russian Roubles (Purse R)
• WMZ - equivalent of U.S. dollars (Purse Z)
• WME - equivalent of Euro (E-Purse)
• WMU - equivalent of the Ukrainian hryvnia (Purse U)
• WMB - equivalent Br (wallet type B)
• WMY - equivalent to Uzbek soums (Purse Y)

And since 20 July 2007 WebMoney Transfer System introduced a new type of purses - WMG or WebMoney Gold. Funds for the purses of the type provided with gold bullion. Value of exchange rates within the system is carried out on the same exchange principle as before. Price per unit WMG will vary each time depending on supply and demand participants in the system, as determined by the internal exchange of other currency equivalents - WMR, WMZ, WME, and so on. Everyone can choose a more profitable, in his opinion, the type of storage of money. Mutual exchange rates can be performed through the aforementioned exchange service.