How to invest in gold?

  How to invest in gold? Save earned money - the need and the poor and the rich people. Just the scale they have different, but the task - one. Much more reliable means of attachment is gold. And not only in the long term because of rising demand for it.

Even last year, from October 2006 to October 2007, the dollar fell from 27 to 25 rubles (-8%), the euro has risen from 34 to 35 rubles (3%), and the price of one gram of gold has risen from 500 to 580 rubles (16%). All values are slightly rounded, but the difference in the dynamics of prices is impressive.

The most simple - buy dimensional bar of gold. They come in any pocket - 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 grams. Banks that sell gold bullion, easy to find on the Internet. But the sale with the buyer taking more value-added tax (VAT) 18%, and repurchase under the current price. So buy real gold bars only makes sense for many years.

You can enter and easier - not to take away the real gold from the bank and open a so-called depersonalized metal accounts (CBOs). In this case VAT is not taken, and made money converted to gold, which is fixed on the day of deposit. And then his cash value will vary with the price of gold. You can always remove part or all of the money. Or to purchase more gold price at the date of purchase. This method of investing money is more profitable, but less reliable, because the state insurance OMC does not apply.

Therefore comparable in terms of reliability, I think possession of gold on the Internet. In electronic payment systems that have existed for many years and are quite reliable. I already wrote in статье про систему электронных платежей WebMoney Transfer That since the summer of 2007 than the ruble (WMR), dollar (WMZ) and other purses, there appeared a golden (WMG).

In addition, there is an international electronic payment system is E-Gold Initially focused on gold and its price. Any paid in the currency is automatically converted to the current rate of gold. Then you can watch as the sum of it is changing in real time. Moreover, the contribution can be derived in any currency at the current rate of gold. Unfortunately, there are no rubles, but the currency can be exchanged in electronic and in the real exchange points for cash, WebMoney or other electronic currency. E-Gold are best suited for the medium-term storage of money, because every month they pay a small fraction of the deposit for its storage.

I use these two payment systems for more than four years, and while they me down. There are other electronic payment systems, the description of which can be found on the Internet.