How can I verify the authenticity of the ruble?

  How can I verify the authenticity of the ruble? And fake 11,111,115 rubles.

It is known that the ruble forge a hundred times less than a dollar. Nevertheless, in Russia annually identify tens of thousands of crimes related to the manufacture and sale of counterfeit money. Most fakes are 100-ruble (35%) and 500-ruble (30%) notes.

In order to combat counterfeiting in 1998 in the Russian Federation introduced new banknotes in circulation pattern (1997). They are currently in circulation. A new series of banknotes designed on the basis of sample bills 1995 par - 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 rubles.

The easiest way to identify fake by comparing the real and controversial bills. The best way to do it, armed with a good magnifying glass (with 8-fold increase) and a portable source of ultraviolet light.

 [b] Look right

Consider the bill with the front and back side and make sure that the paint on the banknote does not spread, the image clear.

Try to consider the grille on the coupon field on the back of bills. The lines must be clear, thin, have no breaks, do not consist of points.

  On Clearance

Consider the bill to the light and make sure you have a watermark and a protective strip.

Each banknote has two watermarks - digital denomination notes (at the coupon field) and the image of one of the elements of the front or back side of the banknote. Watermarks are clearly outlined and clearly visible on the lumen.

In the paper bills introduced in the manufacture of transparent polymer thread width of 1 mm. It should be repeated text "CBR 5" (10, 50, 100) depending on the denomination banknotes. If they do not - in front of you 100% fake.

On the face of cuts to the left and on the reverse side of the right (for the face value of banknotes of 10 rubles - vice versa) is applied ornamental band, made by Orel print - the colors of bar elements precisely aligned with each other without gaps and biases. When considering bills to the light to the various elements of image front and back side are combined to form a new pattern.

  Through the magnifying glass

In the paper, which printed the original bill, introduced fibers red, purple and light green colors. Make sure you have protective hairs in paper bills, check to see whether they are middle of painting on the banknote.

On the reverse side of the banknote you can see bands of color matching with the predominant color of banknotes. In fact, this micro only visible through a magnifying glass. On the banknote denominations of 100 rubles over the main image is positive (figures are made with paint, gaps are not sealed), micro, consisting of continuously repeating digits "100". Under the main image is negative micro (the paint is applied in strips, the characters are not sealed), consisting of continuously repeated text "TSBR100. This is the most difficult element of the protection counterfeited money.

  In the ultraviolet

Shining ultraviolet light bill. If you see a bright bluish glow - bill is likely a fake.

The red and light green fibers that are embedded in the paper fluoresce under UV light, respectively, red and green light.

In addition to the glow in the ultraviolet protective fibers can be seen undulating yellow-green fluorescence security thread. On the face of cuts to the right socket is gray, left and right parts of which are in the ultraviolet glow with faint pink color. The most striking and beautiful glow can be seen when considering the back of the bills - shine some elements ornamental strip and the central image.

 [b] At the touch of 11,111,115.

Banknotes are printed on high quality characteristic of crisp paper.

All denominations of the new specimen is an image made intaglio printing with enhanced clarity. This is the inscription on the obverse - "TICKET BANK OF RUSSIA (top right) and label for the visually impaired in the form of circles and rectangles. They are easy to perceive by touch with freshly printed notes.

 [b] Cool, vertical 11,111,115.

If a lot of hard work, then, looking at the bill at an acute angle to the length of itself can be seen on the patterned ribbon on the front of the banknotes letters PP (Russian ruble). If you saw - banknote is likely true - if not, do not worry, they are not so easily addressed. This method of protection money called kipp-effect.

At the top of the front of the banknote denominations of 500 rubles to the left shows the emblem of the Bank of Russia - two-headed eagle and the words "BANK OF RUSSIA. When sharing notes on different angles badge changes color from yellow-green to red-orange. This security element is provided with a special paint with changing color (OVI).