Shops. How to cheat?

  Shops. How to cheat? We all go to the shops: small and large, food, and not only, but all of us deceive almost the same. How?

1. Double label. On the packaging of household chemical products that have expired are often bonded to the new labels with the later date of manufacture and, consequently, with an additional shelf life. It happens that the new label is glued directly on top of old. If you purchased a product, and you have left the check, wear it boldly to the store. You are obliged to refund or replace the goods on a new, good quality.

2. Double the price. In the supermarket price of goods on the counter and the cashier is often uneven. They explain this by saying that price tags do not have time to reconcile with the goods on consignment. This is a violation! The buyer has the right to receive the goods at a price which it is written.

3. Doubling of goods. With a large volume purchases often cashiers punched one and the same product, usually invisible to the general mass, several times. It is therefore worth checking checks on the spot, and in case of "extra" items, demand your money back or provide a fully paid goods.

4. Discounts. By setting certain discounts to any group of products, stores are often just hanging colorful tab, announces the beginning of the action, but the prices and remain the same. Sometimes a week before the announcement of share prices sharply flies up, and then become the same, due to the "discount. Sometimes simply changing price tags - to them is appended allegedly old high price.

5. Purchase a gift. Promotions that promise additional gifts, bonuses or the opportunity to participate in the prize draw - this is often also a fraud. Gifts, prizes and bonuses are already included in the purchase price and pay the cost of the store on their conduct.

6. Food. Here deceive unsuspecting buyer easiest. To begin with, that the fresh milk and bread on the shelves of the store located at the far wall, putting forward the previously imported but not yet sold goods. Fruits and vegetables are packed and weighed in advance, usually weigh less than the specified weight, and cost more. Therefore, each store should check weigher in which each customer can independently weigh the purchase. Also, spoiled food products packed in foil, masking defects bright stickers.