What are the six ideas to help cope with financial problems after graduation?

  What are the six ideas to help cope with financial problems after graduation? Only yesterday you were a student: wrote cribs, play KVN and tossed each other music on the bluetooth during lectures. But with the diploma situation has changed - now you're an expert (or perhaps, Bachelor or Master), and the entire responsibility for his own life is on your own is not yet sufficiently consolidated themselves shoulders. Typically start their careers, young people are not fully prepared to achieve full financial independence. This is because of their own rosy view of reality, the high real estate prices, greater competition for employment and many other reasons. Considerable number of graduates has to simultaneously address the issue of job search and admission to graduate school, that in the future will result in the problem of combining these two classes. In this article we will talk about some techniques that will allow easier to pass this difficult stage of life.

  1. Not too spare yourself the choice of work.

Logically, the best conditions of compensation offered to those positions that require the most dedication and hard work. Highly paid young professionals must be willing to sacrifice much of their own free time, the opportunity to practice sports, weekends, and sometimes personal life. Decide that the more important to you - financial independence, or a chance to extend his childhood? But it should be remembered that it is in youth employment opportunities in our body are the highest.

  2. Think about how to re-start live with their parents.

According to statistics, more than half of U.S. college graduates have returned to live in his parents' house. Why would you not choose this path? Of course, this decision will reduce the freedom of some and can injure your ego. On the other hand, money that would have to spend on rent, can be used to more useful endeavors.

  3. Find the neighbors in the apartment.

If you want to live separately from their parents, then a good solution would be the separation of housing with other students yesterday. During the study at the university you are used to share a room with friends, so why not continue this tradition for another few years? This will not only reduce the cost of accommodation, but also enrich the experience of early career experience of neighbors. It is possible that you may even find work in one company. And it will come back already formed "group".

  4. Why not move to a small town?

Not every job requires living in the big city. This is especially true for work on the Internet. Fellowship in the small town will be cheaper, housing is available, the road to work faster. In addition, you will be able to live in a place with more favorable environmental conditions. Should I pay for this lack of the most exclusive boutiques, the Kremlin and McDonald's? Possibly.

  5. Start looking for a job as a student.

Thus it will be possible to avoid that unpleasant moment when the dormitory and the need to go to couples no longer, and there is no work yet. It is much safer will go to the prom, knowing that you already waiting for caring employer. Moreover, the huge number of companies that selection among the students, giving them the opportunity to undergo training or practice in his future office.

  6. Make light of their own finances.

Even experienced in housekeeping people can barely afford to keep in mind all of its spending and revenues. Even more difficult this task becomes for those who only yesterday had never thought about his own treasury. Fortunately, to help us ready to come to the set of computer programs designed for maximum simplification of information flow rate with a loan in his own purse. Many of them are able to work even on your PDA or Pocket PC. Please take a few hundred rubles to buy the ability to control their money.