How do I get housing young family?

  How do I get housing young family? You not yet thirty, you recently got married and are forced to live with their parents and to rent accommodation? And at his residence is now coming less than 12 squares per person?
Then it is possible to count on financial assistance from the state. Many young couples simply do not know about the situation of assistance, others do not believe in any program, a third of the profits do not even think about buying a home.

But really should not procrastinate, be lazy and put off the question until better times, and had the chance to use - better to go directly to your local shelter or the Division of Youth Policy and 1111112 for details. federal program "Housing for young families" [/b] . In different regions, it is realized in different ways, but surely there is a chance to become a member and receive a grant for the improvement of housing conditions.

Tools for better housing for young families are allocated from the federal budget and co-financed from the national or regional budgets. Subsidy - is money that you can spend only focused: on the down payment or repayment of a mortgage loan for the construction of housing. If a family already has children, you can expect to receive 40% of the average market price of the apartment - if not, only 35%. Buy an apartment can only be at the rate of not less than 18 square meters per person.

Why not delay the decision of the question? Yes, because participation in the program may take only a young family. And such is steam in the first three years after the conclusion of legal marriage. This restriction does not apply if the family has a child. As a young family couples should be less than 30 years. Also, do not forget that the young can be recognized and parent family - in which the father or the mother not reached 30 years old at the time of inclusion in the program participants.

If a child is born in the family, the program participants are eligible to receive additional grant of housing subsidy that goes to debt repayment on the loan. Typically, borrowers simply deducted an amount equivalent to the value энного number of square meters. In Bashkortostan, for example, the birth of a child to write off the cost of 8 square kilometers. meters, the second - 12 square meters. meters, etc. However, the payment amount varies depending on the characteristics of the local version of the program.

But for members of the subprogramme "Providing housing for young families" significant role is played by two obstacles. First of all, willing to use state support abound. For example, in Bashkortostan: the queue of about 14 000 people managed to improve the conditions of approximately 1,000 families. Obviously, you can not wait for one year.

And the second. After all, the remaining amount of the debt will have to pay yourself. And in order to get a mortgage, you need to have stable and, above all, a decent income. That is the criterion of "pay" a lot of young families in need of better housing conditions, are eliminated from the program. It is especially difficult now. After receiving a certificate for the grant, the family because of the small income, is rejected for credit in the bank. And save yourself the remaining 60% is virtually impossible.

 As a result, funds are unused. And according to the records of the Accounting Chamber of Russia, the number of funds that remain unspent at the realization of a "Housing for young families, is growing.