How best to transfer money from America to Russia?

  How best to transfer money from America to Russia? Usually come to mind such services as Western Union и MoneyGram. Пункты обмена этих компаний достаточно доступны на территории России, расценки колеблются от 3 до 5 процентов в зависимости о суммы перевода plus the money that will be taking with you for the service at your bank (for example, when using a credit card, bank usually takes 3 per cent for cash withdrawals).

When sending money through Such services you will need to go to a service or use the Internet (if you send your credit card or from bank accounts, cash transfer thus can not). For sending money you need to know the recipient's name and closely monitored so as not to make a mistake in writing the name! Once your money is sent, you will be given number and password, which you will need to inform the recipient.

The recipient, in turn, comes to the point of service in their city, town or village (if available), shows his passport number and password, you reported it, and gets his (or rather your) money. If the name has been misspelled or your recipient expects a lot of trouble, until the inability to get money. You, on the other hand, would also have to work very hard to claw their money back.

Nevertheless, this method may be useful, if you need to send a lump-sum - for example, when you [url=] 11111115 urgently. need provide material assistance to your relatives or friends who are in Russia.

But in a situation where you want to help someone constantly and reduce the fee by half, the best way would be to open a credit card in your name and indicate that person as a second user (assuming you can do so by the laws of your country of residence that is, here in America on the legal basis and have a credit history, which will allow you to get a credit card), which is permitted by law.

In addition, you will have to find the card, the most advantageous for use in Russia (some companies charge 2 percent of the amount for using the card outside the U.S., and some offer this service free of charge). Then you send a card to your cousin and tell him access number, PIN, and it's better to do it in different ways, for example, send a card through FedEx And PIN over the telephone.

In this case, you will be responsible for payment to the accounts of this card, but you have a relative who receives a card with his name and a special PIN number that you let him, can make any transaction with the card: pay, withdraw cash, etc. Fee Services will be smaller (typically 3 per cent for cash withdrawals) and not to be found points of service, go there and come into contact with the local staff, but instead can use ATM .