Is it any businessman to watch "House 2"?

  Is it any businessman to watch "House 2"? When referring to the TV show \"House 2\" has become a tradition made a disgusted face in mine and abundantly watered of the participants mud varying degrees of intelligence. In the most polite version would say that there is nothing to watch, because boring.

Arguments in defense of the project is not very diverse and usually have the form: "do not like it - do not look" or "Well, what's so awful?" Really - what? Damn curse? The whole country is cursed. Boys and girls fight? And in the life of fighting. Not all, but it happens. Yes, it is unpleasant to watch (and not necessary - see the argument number 1). It turns out that criticized some idealists who do not want to look reality in the eye, and praise pragmatic realists long ago accepted the reality of this. As one of the heroes of the popular film: "No we are. Life is so "(the hero and then killed, but not for these words, and when an attempted robbery). However, it is the moral side of the issue, and requires economic evaluation of the phenomenon.

" House 2 "- The project is not cheap. Annual fee for membership or not - personally I do not know. Rumors about the huge income under 50 000 and free passage to the best nightclubs for participants of the show (I, unfortunately, again, do not know how much it costs to go to the club, but apparently not a cheap). However, a lot of rumors and tabloids - is not the best source of data for scientific research.

Even if the heroes do not pay directly, but this mob have to feed, clothe, provide communication services (I'm sure that the 3G or WiMax on the project will definitely be), equipped with laptops to write a memoir, but now they also rent an apartment. However, project staff salaries certainly gets: directors, cameramen, sound technicians, entertainers, managers of all kinds (which without them). Airtime channel TNT correctly allocated, and hence the profitability of the project is high. After all, much easier to score a net gear cheaper cartoons and scroll through a hundred times in a row. Here's another "2x2" built a business model and good feeling. Why strain to the installation of plots and selection of new members, organize amateur and bother with the dramatic scenes? I planted a couple of statements of the ether into the studio and let the buttons were too tight from morning till night.

So from whom our lives "joy"? Where firewood? It is clear from - from the sponsors. But the sponsor, he - not a fool. Sponsored by displaying its brand wants to get growth in the number of customers, increase the target audience. The project lasts for five years, is 1,111,116. long term [/url] . And if the sponsor continues to use "House 2" as an advertising platform, then this platform damn effective.

There are additional products designed to not only raise money but also to demonstrate the popularity of the project in the nation. SMS-chat, for example. Viewers regularly send messages, vote for their favorite participants, support or criticize "household". And in the crisis the number of messages does not decrease. So there is people money! Well, actually, we reached the main idea.