How to significantly save on small things?

  How to significantly save on small things? How often say, laziness - the engine of progress. Indeed, many science technical achievements, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life, have come out to facilitate our existence and to save time. Take, for example, the same washing machine. But sometimes all the same laziness, lack of time and ill purchases are the reason that tangible part of the family budget disappears in an unknown direction. Like nothing had bought a half-salary not.

 And yet, giving up something truly interchangeable, you can save cherished Tug in your purse a little longer.

 For example, an electric kettle. Conveniently, it is true, but how much electricity consumption? Oho! My family has a long time with sadness gazed at the electric meter, and then went back to normal kettle with a whistle. May have to wait a little longer, but the savings is obvious. Or a microwave oven. Again, conveniently, but not worth fanatically exploit her for days. After all, some even manage to cook dumplings in the microwave, and then wonder amounts in the accounts for electricity.

Or 1,111,112. tea bags [/url] . It is convenient, but, rather, on the job. Well, or if you live alone, perhaps better than tea bags - tea is not bad. But as if you were at least two, and even more so if the guests in your house are not uncommon - only the usual Brewed loose tea. Product for the same price you enough for up to four times longer.

 But lunch at work - a special subject. Of course, if you do not have a microwave, then rolls, semi-fabricated soup and mashed potatoes on the principle of "just add boiling water", unfortunately, may be the only option. But if it is - better bring a normal meal from home. Pluses are obvious: the stomach is healthier and will cost you much less food.

 Ride by shuttle bus? You've got to understand - why? If it is more convenient route, eliminating unnecessary transplants, for example, then at them and stop. But if you run out to stop some sort of half an hour later than necessary, the bus had no time to lomites and stuffed in a bus, if not forced to catch a car - it does not matter. Maybe it is easier to stand for half an hour earlier, and quietly sit in the bus?

 By the way, what you eat at home? Ravioli, canned ... as a supplement to the basic diet - quite normal, but if you have something on the table constantly purchase dumplings, some frozen pancakes, then bystrosup 10 minutes - is not it time for a change? Canning same овощи и фрукты самостоятельно – получится дешевле, больше, а зачастую и лучше. Того же борща and porridge - menage and fed, and money in general, are intact. Sausages? Like and quickly - he built 1,111,118. sandwich [/url] and forward. But today these products are much more expensive natural meat, paradoxically. The same chicken - this is you and the broth for soup and meat to garnish, and is much cheaper.

 In what package you buy goods of daily consumption? She also included in the price of the goods. It is noticed - detergents, powders, tea is better to choose a great package. Besides, enough for a long time, that saves you from unnecessary worry. And all kinds of cereals, cookies generally buy vrazves, in plastic bags, because plastic bags from supermarkets and then you can still throw, but because they also have to pay.

 If you pay attention, the prices in different stores for the same goods can vary widely. This does not mean that we have miles to wind throughout the area, looking for where are the apples at 2 rubles cheaper, but why not look into the shop in a nearby street, and did not you go past?

 Discounts - a great thing, it is often best to wait. As you know, clothes and shoes better buy "Not in season." But not too rushed for cheapened goods. Ask yourself - Would you buy this thing without discount, and only then take a final decision.