How are your future retirement?

  How are your future retirement? Your employer pays taxes, including pay UST (unified social tax). After all, every employer cares about their employee. Part of the UST is sent to a pension, which consists of three parts: a base, insurance and funded.

Whatever you do, State guarantees 1,111,119. you a basic part of pensions and insurance.
 The basic part is the minimum size of labor pension, guaranteed by the state. Payable in 5-year and more years of service.
 The insurance portion is determined by the size of official salaries and general work experience.

Modern Russian pension system allows each independently form their future pension assets and correctly dispose of the funded part of his retirement pension.

Under 1,111,114. pension reform
citizens are allowed to invest their retirement savings, transferring the functions of formation of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) in private pension funds (NPF) and the private management companies.

With regard to the cumulative part, the default state manages your funds management company. What does this amount in figures?

In numbers, it looks like this:
if you are 25 years old, 10 000 rubles - your salary per month, 120,000 rubles a year for 40 years for a total of 4 million 800 thousand rubles.

The employer is transferred to your account in the RPF (6% of the money, payroll):
per month: 600 rubles;
year: 7200 rubles;
40 years: 288 000.

State Asset Management Company, managing these funds, guarantees only one thing: the size of your savings part of a year may be increased by 6% and not more!

Now consider:
If all goes well, and each year STMC will increase your funded part of 6%, inflation at the same time this will devalue your funded part of 10% per year.

We get -4% per annum. Do you think that with such a remarkable percentage you will receive a pension when you turn 65? Or will you have a state?

Because of this situation is a way out: to transfer the management funded part of your pension to another management company whose activity is regulated by tax and the Ministry of Finance.

 [url=] Properly dispose of 1,111,119. funded part of labor pension and retirement savings transfer funds from the RPF in the NPF is simple enough.

What you get with this:

1. You can choose the order of forming and investing for income.
2. You will be able to appoint successors to the right of pension funds.
3. You can at any time to return the management funded part of pensions in the STMC or any other CC.
4. You will be able to get real-time on the percentage by which to increase your means. (Via the Internet.)

And finally:
It is important to choose how to work your retirement savings today, to maximize their size tomorrow.

If you decide to keep retirement savings in the RPF, the default funds will be transferred to the state management company - Vnesheconombank (VEB). In accordance with the law, EBV has the right to 1,111,118. Investments 1,111,119. pension funds only in government securities, which provides such an alternative placement of the lowest yield.