How to save on food with health benefits?

  How to save on food with health benefits? That food is the main or a significant статью расходов многих и многих семей. Именно здесь основной резерв экономии семейного бюджета. При этом очень часто питание не только неоправданно расточительно, но и вредно по многим продуктам. Можно есть хорошую полезную еду and not lose too much money. Retrieved on itself.

  1. Give up, finally, from everyday harmful Eat sausage. You know what this product is very questionable quality and just-ended harmful - and cooked, and smoked. And expensive. Meat should be sufficient if the cook, for instance, borsch with a small piece of lean beef.

 2. Ешьте разные каши. Сегодня большой выбор круп и отечественных смесей быстрого приготовления очень хорошего качества. Чередуйте виды каш и способы их приготовления . Kashi will give up a piece of sausage in the morning. Soon your spoiled sausage taste will come back to normal, and you will see that cereal - it tastes better.

  3. Sometimes eat eggs in the morning. Excellent taste boiled eggs! Try an omelet with tomatoes, but not with sausage. This is a cheap high-quality proteins and vitamins. Dietary cholesterol in moderate volume - this is not something that cholesterol in the blood.

  4. The cheapest source of protein - whey. Excellent restored after you exercise. In the serum (eg, instead of milk) can be prepared in various dishes.

 5. Когда свежие овощи поднимутся в цене, переходите на замороженные .

 6. Пейте мультивитамины . Even if you can afford fruit, vitamins in them are not enough.

 7. Ешьте рыбу, она содержит исключительно полезное вещество Омега-3 - Especially the sea. Lowers Cholesterol , Helps to lose weight. If the fish road is salted herring. After cutting it can be soaked to remove excess salt. It is perfectly combined with any boiled vegetables.

  8. Buy plain foods, do not overpay for a "prestigious" brand.

  9. Purchasing the product wholesale and in one place - for a week or month. Save on costs, and gasoline, and on time.

  10. Do not go to the store hungry: an empty stomach - a bad adviser. Make a premeditated shopping list.

 11. Берите еду на работу, не стоит тратиться на кафе. Исключите фастфуд Have pity on yourself and purse.

  12. Completely eliminate sweet drinks: do not make a terrible chemical reactor for their own money.

  13. Experiment in the preparation of the simplest of products, remember the forgotten recipes.

  14. Avoid high-calorie foods, it is not helpful and the road. Milk fat is better, and sour cream - with a fat content of not more than 15%. Reduce the consumption of butter. In salads, use no mayonnaise, and vegetable oil. Price of oil is often determined by the location provider on the market, some marketing features, but few actually depends on the quality. Cheaper rapeseed oil - not less valuable product than sunflower oil.