Save electricity. What happens if I pull out of the socket unwanted appliances?

Save electricity. What happens if I pull out of the socket unwanted appliances? For me personally, "the new fiscal year, or a new look at small cost, began with the usual march to the hairdresser. If "my" hairdresser has not moved to a new place, which I just did not like it, nothing would have changed. But she moved, and I began to look for another.

In other locations the city center I was not attracted stores in office buildings, hotels, parking problems on the outside and with inside. All of these venture my head are not necessary. Finally, from the city center for business, I moved to a neighboring district. Here I had lived long and haircut is always in a typical district House of everyday life. Here here and went.

The house has changed: the modern facades, usable area inside tripled (!), A new elevator was just a luxury, and it certainly worked! Previously it was considered superfluous. In general, the re-introduction was pleasant.

Barber changed by Category: modestly, but decent. Without any professional attributes and glamorous shine. And - not believe his eyes: in the wizard, I cut his hair even ten years ago!

Sheared my time twice as fast, with the result I was granted four (!), And money take almost twice as much as I always pay in his heart. Just before leaving, I noticed that on the wall hangs a sign "Price". As in the old days, the district home life, when chronically elevator was not working. That's the price list and took charge.

And then - with a bright cropped head - I simply multiply the one-time savings on the number of haircuts a year. The amount corresponded to expensive monthly fee for parking. It turns out one month of the year played! Not bad. So I began to take on.

He remembered the approval of professionals in a modern apartment in a year may be lost and more than two thousand rubles on household appliances Not working, but are in the so-called "sleep mode".

Audited. Pulled from the wall outlet charger, two phones: they were warm, then really - taking on electricity. Disable the second long-unused actually a VCR. Unplug your printer and scanner, they are not used too often. Total: five silent "sleeping" Down with the plunderers. But the main thing - to come.

I propose an experiment. Turn on the electric - and ran to the electric meter. The wheel shows the speed utekaniya your money. To complete the sensations run at the same time, and a microwave, washing machine, and then ... What is it you do?

Washer let it remain in place. But the banal boiling water in a kettle for everyday use in the presence of gas stove - just a misunderstanding. Once in our stores appeared this unprecedented miracle - electric kettles, and we pounced on them like beads on Aborigines. Now it's time to count kilowatt-hours and multiply in rubles. Let's give our feasible consumer resistance to reforms in the power! Revenge hindsight!

For the doubters: the scientific and psychological experiments conducted in my kitchen, showed that the rate of boiling water in the usual, not electric, the kettle is quite appropriate waiting time, the speed of 1,111,118. for tea [/url] by the average (according to our apartment) chaevnikom.

Soon the fate of harvested electric kettle (although already voluntarily) shared the microwave. She suddenly sparkled, had to disable. And I'm in no hurry brings her into the studio, clearly appreciated, finally, its elektroappetity. Incidentally, the modern frying pan, too, is not standing still and has become such a technologically advanced tool that heating of food is no longer such a big problem and a nuisance. Retrieved on itself.

Incidentally, President Dmitry Medvedev recently recommended saving light bulbs at : Replace energy-intensive "bulbs Illich" at-cost lighting. Nationwide - crazy kilowatt-hours. At the level of individual apartments - real ruble, hundreds and thousands.