How to start investing their own?

  How to start investing their own? All of these brokers, bankers, stock specialists you work too hard your opinion? You hunt yourself to play with the finances at the investment arena? If yes, then I think you're right! Do not you think too infaltilnym invest their money, and if they are still considerable, at the behest of a specialist, whether even his diploma MBA ? Personally, I am completely independent of investor behavior. Here's why. Here lies another psychological nuance. Digress.

Have you noticed ever for themselves or for others, that in any situation, which resulted in failure, is guilty. Yes, yes, it is human nature to blame anyone, if this poor guy was with you at the wrong time, or has anything to do with your failure. Remember - late for work because the driver stood at bus stops or the people there were too many, but not because it came three minutes later than usual, or the driver splashed you with mud - that's a scoundrel, and maybe you do too came close to the curb, and could predict the result.

Thus we can conclude that there is always a last resort. But 1,111,114. investing [/url] blame game should not cost in your favor. Besides losing money, because you can lose and health nerves. Suppose that a neighbor told you to buy shares in the collective-grain combine "foremost", you bought 100 units per share, six months shares have fallen to 50 units. The loss of 50%! You are ruined! Tearing his hair, go with a brick to the neighbor. And it's that? You've made the decision, and your loss. And for the council not beat. And there you are lying on your deathbed, with the sole idea that a neighbor so-and-so "good serve."

Of course, this is extreme. But in real life happens and really is. The moral is that when you invest yourself - make a decision on the financial assets of their own, then any failure that befell you in this transaction, will be seen only at his own expense. The result of negative or positive would be perceived as an experience. And experience is always invaluable. After all, wisdom comes to us through the knowledge and experience. This also applies to investment wisdom. In any case, if you decide to invest their money, they act independently and do not let someone else decide for you. The responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders forever.

Now, determine whether you can self- Invest . I'm sure that some will be surprised to hear that there are personalities who do not need to invest. They simply are not independent of that part of the investor. It happens that "born to crawl can not fly." Here are examples in which case it is impossible to be an independent investor:

 You're a creative person, that emotions always whip over the edge, even when compiling an investment portfolio. Emotions and big money - are incompatible. Very often, creative people - actors, musicians, singers - getting "modest fee" to realize that their star is burning at a professional sky is not forever, we ought to think about old age and the future of children. But they are so impulsive that absolutely can not calmly and prudently invest in stocks. And having invested somewhere, afraid that the wrong done something, and about ready to collapse all the wealth accumulated by the back-breaking toil.
 You are prone to sentimentality. As often happens, that you can not part with 10 shares, donated you 100 years ago, a 50-year anniversary, and that does not have a penny?
 You are impatient investor - then sell, then buy everything a little bit. Do you think that the scanty profits grow in the millions over time? Rather, your broker will work well on the commission.

And now, if you still want to be an independent investor, then follow me, that is my thought. Always remember that you invested yourself well so that you can get really high returns with the correct strategy. And this strategy can not borrow or read somewhere. It is only your personal strategy, which appears through the experience of self-investment. And how this strategy will be correct depends on your income. This means that income can be very high, is only willing to act.

What's good for independent investment:
 Independent risk. You yourself make a determination that is the basis of the market, and that tip.
 Self-formation of an investment portfolio. You will choose securities.
 The possibility at any time to control the position in the market and promptly withdraw the portion of investment funds.

Self-investment requires good knowledge in the field of investment. Should carefully examine strategies that analyst Stock Market And the history of the international tenders. This analytical work will require, of course, plenty of time. But the material on this subject are presented in abundance in the libraries and interactive networks. Also, self-discipline will require investment in monitoring the current investment positions. Independent investor should carefully monitor the flow of information in the media.