How are masked by modern financial pyramid? MLM Scheme

  How are masked by modern financial pyramid? MLM Scheme Just recently I tried to engage in one online pyramid.

The fact that this pyramid, I guessed at once. First had to delve into the case. And when he realized that this is a natural pyramid, or - in modern terms - scam, I thought: why not share the information with readers analyzed

Any 1,111,112. financial pyramid [/url] , Including the Internet, lives only by attracting more and more new members. It can only exist for as long as possible to attract new members to its ranks. Each new member brings to the pyramid their money and from that moment becomes its hostage. As soon as the influx of new members is reduced, and this time inevitably arrives, the pyramid starts to crumble.

One can identify several areas of duping the Internet community.
One of them - real multilevel marketing - MLM (Multi-level marketing), where the emphasis is on the sale of any goods or services. By itself, the method - not bad, not good. It all depends on what sells and how everything is organized. There are quite respectable MLM-company. It was under them, and disguised MLM-pyramid on the Internet, which, at first glance, it looks decent. There are good - there are buyers. Direct online store.

Another direction of purely 11,111,132. Financial [/b] . No goods or services in these web-pyramids are not involved. In fact, this restoration of the old "good" financial pyramids at a new stage of technological development of society, when they start to rely heavily on internet money . Typically, the top online pyramid is a small group of like-minded people who are recruiting members of the second level. The second level of "building" the third and so on. For inclusion in the team want to make a small contribution. Money members of the pyramid "earned" only by attracting new participants.
New financial Internet technology Many inexperienced users Ineta taken literally as the cave of Ali Baba, where the money is lying under your feet, you only need to bend over and pick it up. They think that the Internet will go to the left - you will find the money, go right - you will find more money, well and just go - the money you can not run, they you "catch up". In short, no options! You'll be covered in chocolate, and serve you will Goldfish, and it shall be your "errands". Such users connect to Internet in the first place, and become victims of scams.

Development of sites, scams and filling engaged 11,111,132. professional psychologists [/b] - Mostly specialists in neuro-linguistic programming. At the first contact on the Internet site of the company, a pyramid you can ask a rhetorical question: "Ask yourself, You will undertake the work that is promising, reliable, long-term, prestigious and sverhvysokooplachivaema ? If "yes" - welcome to our company, because these five areas of cooperation with customers and partners chose to guide our company. "

Now ask yourself the question: Is there a single man in 1000, who will answer this question "no"? Everything about this dream, even those who organize their own business - entrepreneurs. From these proposals 11,111,116. been taken to give [/url] . But what lies behind this?

A possible future partners "open cards", they say, what a wonderful product the company sells. This may be some "miraculous" plant that grew up in a distant country and bringing all the miraculous healing from various diseases. Rarely say that you can be treated very much "of everything". Too fantastic, it will look. In reality, the subject at best a harmless plant, which treats "of anything, but merely plays the role of the placebo effect that is bringing the attitude of a specific patient to a" miraculous medicine ", which generates healing.

Another company will offer you to trade 11,111,132. "Sverhvysokotehnologichnym" medical equipment [/b] The use of which requires no medical training, but (I never see such miracles!) Cures "from all", well, in extreme cases - almost from all else. " You never will find descriptions of the principle of work of these miracle machines, you are only accessible with numerous examples of miraculous healing without the participation of doctors.
In short, you offered to buy what is called "black box". The device, which is known as arranged. I note in parenthesis, the device it - a big secret! This is understandable. After all, they publish this "secret" - once there are experts-kicker, who all explained that this nonsense! But your site will show a photo session with happy customers who "got rid" of the most incurable diseases. And they are in their comments confirm that the "All it is, this unit - a real miracle!"

Randomly take an example. Powered photo happy smiling woman, given her nemolodenky age. Inform. Что было: «Хроническая усталость, не было жизненных сил, раздражение, нервозность и бессонница». Что применялось: «Использовала «(конечно же, наш удивительный чудо-прибор ) " 10 minutes and felt the energy of life. " What happened: "There are deep sleep, good mood, performance has doubled.
Websites are not intended for direct buyers of products, and for their, as they always emphasize partners. And gullible people, who at this moment is not going to fool anyone, but merely seeks to bestow benefits upon mankind, and at the same time to earn something, "bought" for such "interesting" proposals and decides to participate in the "new and progressive" business, the more so because he "superdohodny.

Above these "businessmen" did taunt the Internet community. Even offer a mocking slogan. For example: "Give me $ 2000 - and lost friends, acquaintances and relatives!" . A look at how deeply dug! Indeed, drawing close to an adventure, you can lose them forever.

Further confirmation of the fact that a business is a disguised pyramid may be concealing their legal, physical and electronic addresses, the requirement to involve other stakeholders in this business, the original - sometimes considerable - contribution that masquerades as a purchase of goods for resale, and all cash flows are " black "diverted. But the main "tag" of the pyramid - khalyavnykh income. Beware of them!