How are masked by modern financial pyramid? Illusions Telme

  How are masked by modern financial pyramid? Illusions Telme In this article, as an example, consider 1,111,112. MLM-pyramid [/url] c enigmatic title Telme.

Naturally, this company has never positioned itself as an internet pyramid, but nevertheless it shall be. Since I first met her a couple of years ago, when discussion of this company in RuNet was very active. Advertising article called "How to save on phone calls, or new look at the problem of communication".
The problems of mobile communication has always been indifferent to me, so I decided to delve into this topic and may do in the future as a wonderful business. The article explicitly stated that the business and profitable, and "entry" in a low cost. Telecommunications services, which are offered by Telme, were, according to the text ads incredibly cheap. Attracted by the fact that, except for personal convenience in using the telephone when moving across countries and continents, could still earn a promotion of the service to the masses.
The article is addressed to users mobile . The ad was really beautiful. First it was an example - how familiar the author's article called every day for two weeks from Canada to Moscow at the fabulously low rates: for the entire period was allegedly paid only 80 rubles. And this is not a 1-2-minute conversation. Parents of each day reading his daughter a fairy tale. Therefore, the article itself could be read as a fairy tale, "magically" Telme become "reality." With such fantastic low tariffs for mobile communications because of the influx of new subscribers was just "doomed" soon to become the undisputed leader of the world of mobile communications.

Ads busily reported:

1. The dream of each - total freedom, easy communication without restriction and without obstacles. Imagine a technology that gives you the ability to call anywhere in the world at any time using any device. You've just imagined WoIP2 ™ - World over IP. Network WoIP2 ™ - is the world's only inter-operator network, serving more than sixty countries around the world.

2. In order to get it all, only need to register in the system Telme. Price Connection - 35 dollars, five of which can be spent to pay for communication services, as in the case of the usual SIM-card.

Just kept his the fact that the start-up costs Telme user, which you will not return under any circumstances - $ 30. And then in advertising, it was reported that business people "Telme offers a new approach to 1,111,116. Doing Business [/url] in a multilevel network marketing. At minimum initial investment - a small starter pack costs just $ 235 - you can build their own branches spread Telme products and receive up to $ 25000 per month. Well a very interesting suggestion! It became clear that the promotional article is addressed not Telme future subscribers. The article is mainly focused on the massive involvement of new team members to work on the company Telme.

Studying the problem, I passively has participated in teleconferences Telme and actively "fumbled" in RuNet in finding answers to their questions. "Naryl" mountain of information to state that there can be only as supershort resume. The main thing that became apparent in the end - an advertising campaign Telme were 100% false.

In fact, Telme resold under the guise of its own product SIM card V-Sim NRG Estonian operator, to provide low cost roaming on the basis of contracts with Russian and foreign telecommunication companies. Really get a sim card could only become a partner for $ 235 with the right type of "his" team of new partners. That is, to build their own pyramid. As demonstrated during the period superdorogogo roaming, they found a lot of customers who were not going to build any intrinsic pyramids and became partners only in order to acquire this SIM card. Buyers become Truckers, wealthy tourists, deputies - in short, to-do people for whom such 1,111,118. Roaming [/url] was very convenient.

Telme has always worked illegally, did not have a license to provide telecom services, never been registered. Telme company, which positioned itself above the mobile operators in any country in the world did not have their network and simply resold under the guise of someone else's own SIM-card.

Moreover, the company Telme not only conducted illegal business activities while they are not paying taxes, but did not even have bank accounts, conducting all financial transactions through the Internet. To pay for services Telme has created its own payment site pay2telme. This site is also filmed with all the cash flow a considerable margin of 12% and consisting of 8% commission of the site and 4% fee for the purchase of "remittance". Only on this one company has already received a lot of money.

Now let's ask ourselves, and there even a small chance the company, which has its own mobile network, a sudden wave of a magic wand to start earning big money, peremanivaya low cost services to customers of established telecommunications companies, playing their own game? A rhetorical question. No sane telephone company will not let on "my field" of competitors, reducing its income.
Partners Telme initial levels suffered the most, as it should be on the theory of financial pyramids. Their attempts to deal with the problems ignored high-level structure. "Sponsors", cared for them, as a sedative "drugs" used psychological appeals: "Everything is formed, the product is new, still wet, do not concentrate on the negatives, think about the good, the draft class, look for the best part, ignore the negative, Be a positive life, believe in the project! "etc. But somehow, as expected, from the words "candy, halva" in the mouth do not become sweeter.
Those who worked with Telme realized that the head of the company's leaders - professional or piramidalschiki lohotronschiki. Those who led the grass-root structures that had to engage in "business" of their relatives, friends and acquaintances. Many of them after all this time was very ashamed that they have hired experienced facilitators piramidalschikov. They are on the forums just to say: "I am ashamed to look into the eyes of those whom we have in Telme". Most of these grassroots leaders as a result of cooperation with Telme instead of income suffered serious losses, amounting to thousands of dollars.
As the saying goes, "a pleasure doing business with the Russian! They even lost money from the "greed" is extended - at least chuckle, that "flown" in a lottery scam. One of them has rightly said: "All comrades! Capture the world canceled. Thank you all for your money, all are free! "

What remains to add to this? Do not "fooled" too "sweet" Offers online ! First, independently explore the problem. Think about why it suddenly someone wants to share with you a huge income? Indeed, in our pragmatic time is more than strange. And then proceed in accordance with those found your answers.