How to invest in income mutual fund?

  How to invest in income mutual fund? One way or another, but we all want more money. And when there is a kind of hands-free amount, it is often accompanied by the emergence of a vague desire to "go somewhere to invest." Promotion of mutual fund in our country still did the job, increasingly people are turning their attention to precisely this form of investment. Often the first investments - maloosmyslenny and not always successful.

Error Starter shareholders that they rush into battle without the prior Intelligence. Sometimes having o UIF very far from the reality show.

Memo future shareholder
PIF - this is not a deposit, do not share. Purchase UIF does not guarantee a particular percentage of income and not paying dividends. PIF - no way to quickly speculative earnings.

  Mutual fund - The opportunity to preserve and increase their capital at risk, directly proportional to yield.


- Buying a share, is worth understanding that this long-term investment and not try to sell it at the slightest price increase;

- The share price may fluctuate; panic when it falls below the level of purchase - is inappropriate; UIF for people with strong nerves.

Clear idea about the costs to avoid disappointment
Yield Unit Investment Fund is not equal to income shareholder. There are internal and 1,111,116. costs [/url] : Commission of the management company, discounts and allowances for the purchase and redemption of units, the manipulation of stocks, the auditor's services, etc. Better not to be ashamed and take out the soul from its consultant, what sort of year-end, what happened to the promised profits. The overall difference in the fund's performance and shareholder can reach 10%. It's not as noticeable, if the total profit of 30-40% or more, but extremely annoying for those who did not want to take risks and prefer to secure a small but reliable increase.

Tools to reduce investment risks - are universal
So - working with UIF . That is best - to form their shares in accordance with the principles of constructing an effective diversified portfolio by selecting the most comfortable from a psychological point of view version of the ratio of risk and profitability.

Diversification means even in industries with high-risk, given the right of the units will allow you to sleep, while the market will increase your capital.

Correct assessment of market prospects - the key to success in any investment
To assess the prospects of a region by studying the brochures, orientation on the previous years and councils acquaintances - a method of "finger spear. C You might as well tell fortunes from coffee grounds and browse through Dream. Of course, the easiest way to trust the professionals, but if you want to make independent decisions in the field of investment, not sharing the profits with analysts - you need to understand the laws of the market.

This means, as bequeathed a great and everlasting: learn, learn and study again. Comprehend the subtleties of the analysis of the investment market itself - a problem similar to mastering the Japanese language for self-instruction manual: it is possible, but difficult. It is important to find a good tutorial and evaluate the practice of successful investors.

Without the actual practice and help in understanding the material you risk to be in a situation where, despite the accumulation of theoretical knowledge, your "Japanese" is not clear from the incorrect "pronunciation".

And finally: the foundation of financial success - awareness
To receive the income from anything, we should understand what you're dealing with. If you are thinking about mutual fund, before we engage in financial activities - collect all possible information. At your service Internet, analytical products, financial companies, providing advisory services, consultants, management companies, finally. Of them, can and should shake all possible information, if it concerns the future of your [url=] 11111111 investments. .