How to live, not survive? When finances are singing love songs

  How to live, not survive? When finances are singing love songs "I became an order of magnitude more fortunate, because learned to live without money" - once told my friend. At that time he had just waved at them eternal shortage and simply ceased to worry about this. But his words made me think about how to learn to live, doing whatever means that we have, without compromising the quality of life.

As is known, wealth is not given to high incomes, and the ability to correctly dispose of expenditure.

I do not appeal strongly to break their pillars, moving to rigid economy. But I hope that after reading the article, you review the attitude to money and 1,111,112. expenditure 11,111,117. their advantage.

  Home Bookkeeping familiar to most of us. Many record spending in the coming special notebook. In the Internet without any problems you can download electronic versions of programs that help not only counting, but also to analyze the costs. There are many options. Choose the most convenient form of cost!

Cost accounting is needed to the question "Where are wages?" Always found your answer. And the answer will surprise you at first. Because sometimes it takes "to nowhere" on trifles. A couple of months you will appreciate the importance of these little things would be wiser to treat their purchase.

In order to clearly understand their true needs, in addition to the emotional impulse, takes time and a clear head. To help in this will be able to 11,111,118. Wish List. [/b] There may be necessary or write down your favorite things. If after some time I want something with the same force, then return her to the store.

In practice, when reviewing the list at about 40% of things I deleted, and the acquisition of another 20% put away for later. Sometimes I think, if we add the cost of all unnecessary trifles in an apartment, bought spontaneous - this is what would be a substantial sum out!

  Working with a wish list that you are putting its priorities in order of their acquisition and more objective assessment of their need. Thus, and not clutter up the house, and take care of the purse.

Many people living from paycheck to 11,111,112. 11,111,117 salary. , Cope with their costs - but no more. We often envy those who have savings for a rainy day ", and sincerely believe that it can afford people with high income. However, to create your book with a plus sign and everyone can.

  Postponed - and forgotten. Magic 10%. The abundance of financial literature on the acquisition of wealth provides many ways to increase revenue. But often they can be followed, having your own business, deposits, keeping in mind the clever financial schemes.

For me and probably for most citizens is acceptable version of 10%. It enables accumulation of money without prejudice to the current budget and completely with any level of affluence.

On receipt of any type of income aside from their own 10% of the Special Account, or simply in an envelope. Where your heart desires - it's your own money! Do it immediately after receiving the money, until they parted. The difference between 90% and 100% of income you feel, and reserve your create and multiply.

And never spare no money for his personal growth . Costs invested in your favorite activities - from sporting and dance sections to the school photos, sewing, back to you if not in the form of additional earnings, in the form of excellent mood, feeling and sense of meaning in life.