Who's afraid of feminists? I will tell you a secret - it ...

Who's afraid of feminists? I will tell you a secret - it ... I do not believe in feminism. I do not understand what is his fight. The more so, I do not believe in his victory.

Feminism lost in the moment when the shape as a movement. When he opposed himself to common sense. Now, victory is impossible. There will always be controversy about which we can say: "It's discrimination." The logic is in the current feminism and does not smell. So - every fiber in the line: "He kissed me," he kissed me, "he called me a fool," he said I was smart, "he earns more," he sits on my neck. " And so on.

And like all good to start! Equal voting rights and so on. If that's all, now would have only a funny word "suffrage", known only to connoisseurs of history. But - have started but not stopped.

Have you noticed that today's 1,111,112. Feminists [/url] already would not fight? But they bitterly trying to prove that they have something to fight for. But opponents are skeptical.


I'm not talking about America. I do not know what was there. But I know that here. Any dispute feminist orientation is one hundred percent the same: those who call themselves feminists insisted that their women's rights in some way impaired. Some percentage of women and all, without exception, men try to prove otherwise.

"But we pay less pay!" - "Where, where less? I've never seen! "-" Less, less, pay, pay "-" I've never seen, never saw "-" And the beat all and sundry - "Me too, all the beat - and I am a man" - "And at home work force , and himself on the sofa with a newspaper, freak! "-" Yes, I have always my dishes, and even garbage bear! ".

Useless. If the imaginary construction of a substitute for common sense, useless to argue. Spore will not work. Holivar - as they say now.

I lived and worked in many places: from the city of Potsdam, where I served in the army, to the town of Aldan, where I went on a business trip. And nowhere in my entire life I have never encountered with the payment for sex. When I worked as an engineer for the maintenance of tracking systems, it received exactly the same as my classmate Natasha. When I worked as a dental technician, then received, depending on the stakes. This officially. Unofficially, as you understand, it all depends on ..., say, charisma.

I begin to remember their profession - it was work! - And nowhere find any trace of discrimination. Storekeeper, journalist, janitor, porter, radiomontazhnik, radiomaster, service engineer and has been mentioned a dental technician. These are the professions where a par with me working women. In addition, in different years of my life I worked as a loader in the dining room, an engineer bulldozers, feller forest, car mechanic and fitter safe doors. Here we do without women. There were a number of muscular Themis enthusiastically dragged pork carcass or ecstasy valivshih forest. On the other hand were dispatchers, cooks, uchetchitsy and saleswomen.

By the way, remember, the cook got less than we, bulldozer. Maybe this is discrimination ?

I assume that somewhere someone and for something pay less under the guise that it's a woman. But the swords do not see any reason. If we are to fight, then a more global goals. For example, for the equality of each individual. Not necessarily for women. It happens, and men are paid less. Who is generally said that women earn less - I'm not sedition? About 1,111,116. Domestic Violence [/url] I generally keep quiet, because it is abhorrent to the category of human ..., of course, problems, and not values. And then feminism? My friend beat his wife.

And I have in my entire life never met a feminist.

But do not console me. Like, what your age, else. This is unlikely. As already guessed: the real feminists do not exist. In any case, in Russia. Just - please - not a word and a complete secret! .. Shh!

Of course, I'm exaggerating. In fact, I met with them. But always - and only - in different virtual places: magazines, internet, television. And never face to face. Articles, sarcastic remarks, declarations and escapades - it is present only in the form of a faceless content, designed to sting, stir, motivate and revitalize. But do not fight. But judge for yourself: how you can become a struggle with low wages? Those who squeezes wages, after reading the article, tears and immediately her salary increase?

And generally, feminism similar to the protest against the ban cyclists to ride faster one hundred and eighty. Motorists, looking at it, puzzled shrug: yes ride, if you wish. We see no problems. Since than fighting for?

Here I am correcting eyeglasses, laying two fingers to the cuff and arrogantly say: "Excuse me, do not watch the fight, sir. And if it is, tell what is ".

Summaries about: "But in the Duma ..." and "Here in America ..." - outright dismissed as untenable. I was not in the Duma. And, as already mentioned, I have no idea, as there, in America. Maybe the struggle is in full swing. I do not know, sorry. But I know, as we have. Calling herself a feminist and proud of that, they say, we are fighting together with America - it's not even funny. "It's nice we slapped the lions" - said a mosquito flying with an elephant ...

And do not say that if something I do not see it does not mean that it is not. I agree with - but at least some expression should be, is not it? And if the water surface is not even a sign of the wave, then the conclusion is unambiguous: no stone throwing. He was spitting, I see it. No stone.

So, honestly, I in good conscience say: "I'm not afraid of feminists. I do not know anyone, Who would they feared : Virtuality is not scared.

Women in the virtual call themselves feminists, usually design of two men: a) malosimpatichnoe being, by the stupid arrogance and inordinate selfishness, in principle, unable to understand the fragile female heart, and b) malosimpatichnoe being desublimated and uncertain, comforting stories about that feminists - is that scary aunt, who just have not found a husband. There. Either - or. Sometimes the mental constructions involving others, noble and courageous ... Hmmm ... substance, but always only at the level of wishful thinking. Naturally, non-existent.

And you know what? I am against it.

I am against the exaggerated images of people - not just men. I am against the affirmations, because it contradicts common sense. I am opposed suffrage - and you know that there are male suffrage? And what do I need this hoary notion? I am against the theory of half-mad Dvorkin - which themselves feminists call "half-mad Dworkin" - the traditional sex, based on suppression of women . You say: here's a scumbag and a chauvinist? Yes, I am.

But otherwise I am quite an ordinary man. I have never in my life hit - and did not even shake - a woman (men - some, yes). I respect their colleagues of the opposite sex. I do not think that some of my three daughters in something worse than a son (the secret: from the youngest, I do not mind). I even mother-in-say "mama".

And I love my wife. I call her "darling" and "sun", I whispered in her ear various absurd and cute sayings. And she happily screwed up his eyes, puts his lips to kiss, unaware that I was sexist insult her. Language used hostility.