Why a man of modern woman?

Why a man of modern woman? Only a hundred years ago such a question would be inappropriate. Male to female was encouragement and support, the breadwinner of the family, the owner of the house - a man who is responsible not only for themselves but for their environment, sometimes quite numerous.

The most important event for women was a successful marriage. Which was, and in subsequent years the main occupation in her life. Women who devote themselves to science, art, literature - it was very few. And they were guided more pronounced talent in a particular field of activity, rather than his own personal reasons - they should go get married or better to make a career. Or maybe combine the two areas together.

Those ladies, whose talent did not appear sufficient, the married and not even dreamed of something else. In his biography of Agatha Christie wrote that marriage for a girl during her youth was considered to work. And if not ready for such work - do not go get married. And since I chose the wife and vowed - so now must sit quietly and endure all the ups and downs associated with this act. It could have been moved to another country for her husband and his service, and the complexity of the money in the family, and the inability to establish relationships. In a word - all with faces than any family. But the difference was that the wife has always been kept by her husband and was obliged to accept its decisions on a particular issue.

Ie Man was not that necessary - he was the center of the life of any woman.

With the development of emancipation and successful women struggle for their rights, the situation changed radically. She gradually learned all that had previously been exclusively male prerogative. Today a woman can do two important "male" things: make money and make decisions.

Even if it is some time not working, hypothetically, could start at any moment, because every woman has a background in the specialty. Moreover, many women feel unworthy to be kept by men. Own revenues create an illusion of independence and freedom.

This seems to be a bad thing. But over time, men are accustomed to, that woman can do many things myself. And if the previous earnings of women were perceived condescending, but today the norm is that women should bear their part of the family produced a mammoth. And if she does so, it may face discontent spouse. Sometimes quite strong.

Naturally, he felt his financial independence, a woman is no longer considered and 1,111,112. decisions of a spouse [/url] . Why? She is able to exactly the same way as he did to get food. And thus vital decisions can take just as good. No longer necessary to rely on her husband. Now you can rely on themselves.

But the lack of a unanimous leader in any group leads to rebellion. Here begins the confrontation in the family! First, the men challenged the decision, then it turns out that he missed the most successful solutions, and in conclusion - his decision will be ridiculed as untenable. And the woman begins to make decisions herself. And what man? A man begins to detach myself from the decision-making. It is conveniently close to a practical woman - she was so like his mother, who nursed him, and took over his decision a long time until he grew up.

As a result, in the light of this trend is a change of generations. And each new generation of 1,111,114. 1,111,117 men. brought up more and more self-[url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E6%E5%ED%F9%E8%ED%FB/] female 1,111,117. . And then separate mothers pass them from hand to hand even more independent girls who make these men own a dependent husband. Take the time.

Because the main function of women has not been canceled, and nature takes its. Sooner or later, the woman becomes a mother and in most cases can not physically for a long time to decide and earn money. During this period, all worries slip off the man. A man's concerns are not used to it! He was tough. He was nervous. And his woman was nervous. It is under the influence of hormones and because the situation is now waiting on his support and the support, care for her and the children. And get - another large baby.

Most often in such moments, she understands that it will be easier to do without men, as it turned into a suitcase without a handle, which bear heavily, and throw a pity. And most often the decision - to quit. Because the woman is too independent and too sure of yourself and your abilities to depend on men.

It turns out that the modern woman does not need a man ... Is that sex and procreation, and to have someone to hug, to be close to someone to feel feminine and desirable. Ie as an attribute. As a complement.