Why men are afraid to get acquainted with the girls?

Why men are afraid to get acquainted with the girls? Girls, you probably happened is that a man looks, smiles and is not suitable to meet or leave your phone number? What's wrong? Something like that, and you look great, and he smiled a few times, and in the corner, the nose, with a view to "look. And he took and left without leaving a phone number or email address ...

Why is this happening? Maybe because there are now more simple way to see - through the Internet, Skype, on the forums. But most likely the case in ordinary fear. The man was frightened. What? Let's try to understand.

Fear of failure
This is probably the most common fear in the introduction. Male elementary afraid that he will be denied. And not in a benign fashion. He had already tuned in, gathered all his strength into his fist and went, mind you, in front of the amazed public. And here - in you, he was refused. Self-evaluation at zero, the gleam in his eyes extinguished, the second time such a feat, he will not disappear, even if it becomes принцем на белом коне. Или решится после принятия спиртных напитков. Или на сайте знакомств Where you can introduce yourself to the best advantage, albeit not always truthful, light.

What can you advise a woman in this situation? First, why do we need a man who is afraid even to approach. Secondly, if you really liked him, he is not scared. Moreover, will seek your consent to a meeting with all his might. Thirdly, why would you most do not come. In the end, phone number, written on paper and pass an object to anything you do not oblige.

Fear consent
The second most popular fear that arises when dating - fear of consent. It would seem that what really was then afraid of? And now it turns out, has something. She agreed, recorded your phone number, you - it begins: "Call her, or wait until she call?". "What if she does not call?". What if she calls! What then? What's her name, what to talk about ...». In principle, tormenting himself such thoughts can be to infinity. To anything except a nervous breakdown, it will not. The options in this situation may be two. First - to call yourself. The second - a dilemma for the girl. If he wants to - call, do not want to ... And this happens. In any case, waiting a call from a stranger, even if it is beautiful, do not experience.

Fear of being outwitted by
Denial denial, but there is much more unpleasant situations. For example, a man approaches familiar to the girl, which is surrounded by friends. And they were good, loyal friend, enter into a dialogue, in every way making fun of a man. Agree, here the self-esteem is reduced not only below zero, it will fall down below the plinth. So what better to take a man away from her friends, especially if you like it.

Stereotypes and uncertainty
In principle, because of uncertainty and there are all of these fears. Uncertainty about the men in themselves and in their strength - a real scourge for dating.

Imagine a situation: sitting at a table in a cafe a beautiful girl. [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-7684/] He sits alone 1,111,117. . It has long been sitting. And none of it is not appropriate. The reason all this is elementary - men are afraid of her beauty, because they feel insecure, "unworthy" of such beauty. Of course, everything can be trivial. When looking at a beautiful woman in a man having "stereotypical" thinking that it can not be alone, that it can be capricious fifoy that it may be needed only money that met her needs a silver Mercedes or, in extreme cases, black "Accord", etc. ..

And while men are afraid of, the beauty gets up and goes home alone, saddened by the fact that she was no one came.

Yes, just do not want
There is such an option. The man simply did not want to expend energy on something to come up and offer friendship. Admired and left. Well, this is not the fear of dating, and elementary reluctance to meet for different reasons. Perhaps lazy, perhaps he has a girl. Do not be upset or even think about it more than a minute.

What can be done man to stop being afraid?
First, familiarize themselves not directly: "Girl, and can meet you?", And under some pretext. For example, you can ask the classic question "How do I get to the library?". You can simply ask where the street or subway. In response to a question you do not refuse, and then you can ask leading questions and engage in casual conversation.

Secondly, it's time to get rid of stereotypes! A pretty girl is not necessarily spoiled silly. Discovering the street or in the subway - it's not scary! She did not call - it's not the end of the world. Believe me, without stereotypes live much easier.

Thirdly, try to remember that all the fears, uncertainties and other obstacles dating service - only inflamed imagination. While we are all playing in my head the whole scenario of failure, we are twisting themselves in such a way that has no dating is not necessary. And actually, it was worth just come and see what happens.