Civil marriage - "defective"?

Civil marriage - "defective"? Today, concepts such as "marriage", "Wedding", "mutual responsibility" lose their meaning. Civil marriage, which recently despised, is now considered the norm and joyfully welcomed today's youth. According to the latest census, about one in ten is a civil marriage, but the number of such couples is increasing every year, and maybe in 20-30 years to register a marriage and the wedding will look like a strange whim of the two lovers.

Civil marriage existed in the XVI century in the Netherlands. But it was a necessary measure, because the church refused to marry people of different faiths, so City Council has agreed to register such relationships, they began to call civil marriage . Today, civil marriage is called a general stay of two persons, who together run their economy, but their relationships are not registered. Proponents of such relations are being told that the marriage is not lost sense of freedom.

Typically, advocates of civil marriages are men. According to statistics, 85% of civilian men consider themselves to be unmarried, and 92% of women in civil marriage, consider themselves married. Most men believe that all women have the goal to get married and for her sake they are capable of anything ... But every woman dreams of her lover a strong family, good children, and, of course, the fairytale wedding, white dress, the sea of flowers and the honeymoon in the status of a legitimate wife. It is for this dream woman agrees to 1,111,114. Civil marriage is [/url] When men promise that necessarily married, but first you need to check the feeling ...

The majority of decent single women there an unwritten rule - never to meet with married men. The stamp in the passport for lovers damper.

The famous singer Lolita Milyavskaya repeatedly stated in interviews that the civil marriage demeans women. The ultimatum is not the best option in the relationship of lovers, but almost every woman afraid to give birth a child in a civil marriage, so it's best to put a man a choice: or registration of marriage , Or another woman.

Under the Family Code, if a child is born in a registered marriage, the baby's mother is a wife and husband - a father. And in the unmarried mother must prove that her civilian husband is the father of the child, or write a statement of paternity. A woman has the right to refuse to recognize the child's father and law husband forbid her son or daughter to communicate with his own father. Fatherhood in this case can be set only after the child becomes an adult. Analysis of the DNA minor can also be done only with the consent of the mother.

There are 1,111,118. unmarried [/url] merit. Such a relationship can be called a "dress rehearsal", young people can try to live together, learn to do common household, to plan their family budget. Very often a great love and passion do not stand up inspections gray gritty and way of life. It is known that half of registered marriages end, one of the most common reason is that the young "do not get on together, and all the wonderful traits manifested during public accommodation.

Also civil marriage is a good option when they begin to live together quite young people, often students who have not earned enough money to celebrate a magnificent wedding. Of course, lovers want to make this day memorable for a lifetime, to celebrate it in the restaurant and go there must be a limousine. The main thing is not to delay, because then it becomes unnecessary formality.

From a legal point of view, civil marriage is totally unreliable, a registered not guarantee the two sides: in the case of divorce, all property acquired during marriage belongs to the husband and wife, not because of who earns how much and whether in general. Just to show a marriage certificate, and a weakness already has guaranteed rights to the content in case of illness, financial aid, if you have children together.

In a marriage to live in a civil or Registered To solve only the two lovers, but life is unpredictable, and therefore it is better to play safe. Moreover, if the stamp in the passport will still not change anything, why not put?

Family Code provides for registration of the family without marriage. It's enough of a written contract, as certified by a notary. The contract can be painted all the rules of the game, then there should envisage a situation where cohabitants want to end their relationship, or how to distribute the property in a divorce, and to paint what the duties assigned to cohabitants in the event of childbirth.

In a registered marriage all these safeguards provided by law, and in case of civil marriage these details should be itemized in the contract. The practice of such registrations families without marriage came to us from Western states, where such contracts are widespread. The problem is how this branch will get accustomed to our crab-apple tree.