Who should start talking about marriage - man or woman?

Who should start talking about marriage - man or woman? Women expect that men will offer them a hand, heart, part of the salary. And men are not always quick to offer it all. The wise young ladies to understand: to accelerate the process, you must create an attractive picture of the future. "Can you imagine dear, I'm all so sexy and desirable, let's sign, and the happiness you will every day." A man looks at and says: "Yes, I want to." Everything is normal, he wants her, she wants to marry.

This is one of the frequent variations 1,111,112. marriage [/url] Is typical of very young people. For those who are older, smarter, more experienced, more difficult. Who should be the first to start talking about marriage, how to do this?

My assumption is the following. Who is more interested in marriage, and he should start a conversation. It seems logical, but many women, especially after 25 years, passionately want to get married, believe that this proposal is in any case must make a man. They wait, and if there is no desire, begin to claim, sometimes, roll a possible mate hysteria that it scares off completely. Who needs a hysterical woman?

With men simpler: if they want to marry, then at any age can easily make a woman offer. And if you are satisfied to live together without marriage, then are ready to just live happily with the woman he loved, what about the mass of evidence.

I'm with Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy came to the same thought, he just had, I later: no man should look for a woman, but woman for man, as 1,111,114. She chooses [/url] not only a lover, but also the father of their children. From I'd add: the peasants this responsible task can not be trusted. As a young girl finds that she will. Then do not tell: I was so innocent, he Okrut me, cheated. If you choose itself - the responsibility on you.

Therefore, if a girl wants to marry, her duty to find a decent man, but if it still does not understand how it is urgently necessary to get married, you need to tell about it. But how?

As already mentioned, the claims of "why not offer to marry", the more hysterical, it is better to delete. Start a conversation better with a sincere interest in the life plans of men in the future. It is useful to find out you're there in some way participate fully? And you? If so, tell us about his handpicked successor, perhaps he is not aware of his own happiness in family life with you, but when you realize immediately agree. Who refuses to good?

The general sense of your conversation should be: after marrying man's life will be better. This must be true - if not, show me a madman who is willing to 1,111,116. married [/url] , Knowing that his life would be worse. Why do we need to do, because such a marriage would be short.

Before talking well answer the questions: why do I need a man? Why he should marry, except that we have - love, what's the point? If love is gone - what next? It should be very clear about: what good I will bring to life beloved?

I understand that this difficult questions for many women who feel that they are simply a treasure, beautiful, sexy, attractive, look how many men they want! Ladies, rasstantes with this error. Men want women in general, thought of nature, that you have agreed to 1,111,118. Sex [/url] . Any competent young person will support you in the illusion of exclusivity and uniqueness, unlike all the other women, wanting to get that and the other ladies.

In general, illusions are pleasant, to abandon them is difficult, but strangely enough, the conversation about marriage is useful to begin, clearly knowing what you're useful to another person. To divorce the same results in a more romantic conversation:

- Do you love me?

- Yes.

- And I love you.

- Let's get married?

- Come on.

Beautiful, but when the solution to all problems is postponed to later, it then turns out that the man was a scoundrel, a scoundrel and a liar. Maybe, clarify in advance ?

I understand that I wrote is not quite what most women like. For example, I do not like winter and cold, but I know that winter will be. Better to be aware of and take into account this fact, regardless of their attitude towards him.