Finn and Naina - classmates? No, but it looks like ...

Finn and Naina - classmates? No, but it looks like ... What are your considerations: why a site "Schoolmates" is so popular? And despite the warnings very cautious people, it continues to evolve?

There is no doubt that the people coming down to this site for past emotions: friendship, flirtation, love ... The ease of communication, which is difficult to give a personal interview, drew - and very strongly. There is no fear that the man who stands before you, you will not know a close friend or other: enough time to realize that this girl the first time you kissed, but this boy was one of your closest friends.

Very many bred in different directions, communications were lost for various reasons, but sometimes there is something nagging at the bottom of the soul, rises up and makes typing in a search engine name. And is incredibly happy to get feedback, look at the photos, recall past ... And then you can come back in today, forget about the past - until the next communication session, which is almost completely available at any time.

The surprises are endless! "This bald-headed (white, thick) - this is it! It can not be! He was so handsome! He had such fluffy curling eyelashes! And what he was gentle eyes! What happened to him! "

"How is she? The one on which I cos a few years, has long been moved to another town? It can not be! How she's changed! "

And here I must tell you that Alexander Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Ludmila" has described the meeting in detail. Good wizard Finn, who helped find the way to Ruslan Lyudmila, told him about the drama of his life. It began with the fact that Finn - shepherd from a remote village - in love with Naina at a glance:

"- And the fatal fire
For a daring look to me was the reward
And I know love soul
With its heavenly joy,
With its agony. "

This was the beginning of his long agony. He tried to win her love: to be a pirate, with the booty came to his beloved:

But the maiden hid from me
Muttering overlooking indifferent:
"Hero, I do not love you!"

Finn decides to devote himself to penetrate the secrets of magic with a single purpose - to love Naina. And he succeeded! He received a welcome in a few decades! And here - the scene of the meeting (is not it, very similar to the meeting classmates?):

"The dreams of hope young
Delighted with ardent desire,
I make haste spells
I am inviting the spirits - and in the darkness of the forest
The arrow sped Gromov
Magic whirlwind howling,
The earth shuddered under the leg ...
And then sitting in front of me
Decrepit old woman, gray
Sunken eyes flashing,
From a hump with a shaky head,
A sad picture of decrepitude.
Ah, knight, was Naina! .. "
Now imagine: you are a company with the hope to find, "creates haste spells" - typing in a search engine name and the name of your object, "call the spirits" - Ram press «Enter». And then PC starts to growl and snap (Strela raced thunder, Magic whirlwind howling, earth shuddered underfoot ...») - and that's on the screen in front of you: but what's that old?

"We both had time to age.
But, friend, listen: it does not matter
Wrong mladosti loss.
Of course, I now Seda,
A little, perhaps, hunchbacked;
Not that in the old days was
Not alive, not so sweet;
On the other hand (add eggs)
I will tell you a secret: I'm a witch! "

That is, instead of young, beautiful, slightly windy person you get a grandmother of three grandchildren, wise life experience (I'm not talking about the physical form). The same applies to men!

"And it was indeed true.
Mute, motionless before her,
I was utterly stupid
With all my wisdom. "

And indeed, why the hell I had to learn computer wisdom? To obtain such in a gift?