As fate would send more precisely, the Internet?

As fate would send more precisely, the Internet? Vast World InterNetwork,
What do you mean open spaces and latitude,
And how many connections you can get hold of!
Find love - faster than the work.

In the wonderful site you withdraw trail
Fill in the short questionnaire -
And expects that will send the fate
Or, more precisely, the Internet jungle.

- Tell me who you are? The girl, hello!
  In the letter you have attractive speech.
  I used to be with you tet'a'tet,
  And the rest - will tell when we meet.

- I do not mind. Get on all sides -
  I'm tired of this Web-page.
  I give you my cell phone
  And by him we can to phone ...

- Hello, madam, on the street all the melts
  Smells like spring - it is something.
  But, damn it, and I know you
  From his gray coat?

- I just - comes from the tube -
  Learn not difficult, even with the back:
  Dressed in a dark one will be a fur coat
  And in a white scarf nemerenoy length.
And so close to her face and profile,
And the gloom hovering over the table.
In our hands on a full cup of coffee
And each exploring a surprise.
I am fascinated and familiarity happy
And ready to talk about anything.
Yes - I theoretically, married,
And you are theoretically free.

I really dream about unsung,
In this paper - the beast and the god during the day,
In the evenings doing so
And I bet, to listen to me.

Do you have in life, too, the roof goes.
Our stubborn century rushing faster.
And yet - the case of love, my lady,
As the court of French kings.

You - a lady of sense to me circle.
Do you all have the answer.
A few steps waiting loyal friend
Learn what you will bring the Internet ...

Finished ball, intimacy began to decline,
Around hint of cloudy days.
A night to merge with your coat,
Turf rabid lights.

Bonjour, Madame, we have sat nicely.
While not dreaming ahead.
Give me, God, good luck with your fine idea!
And then its the devil himself could not explain.