Why men do not understand women? Part 2

Why men do not understand women? Part 2 ... Naive
The old duke during a long meeting on some military issues in Versailles received a note from a young person close to him. The note read: "Dear Sir Today, I must pay my debt to the milliner's bill, which by my eternal distraction caused by the wholehearted attention to you, I completely forgot. I would sincerely appreciate if you send me 200 louis. But most impressive were lower in the postscript: "I am very ashamed that I took you away from it all and I decided not to bother you my message and to break this note, but the swift-footed, my maid has already managed to fly away to Versailles, and to return it simply was not possible.

... Curious
"Women can keep secrets, but together" - says a German proverb. Pope John XXII had the opportunity on a personal experience to make sure the infinity of female curiosity. The nuns of a convent asked him once, so he gave them permission to confess to each other, but not in men, referring to women's weakness, the feeling of shame, and so the pope was not at all averse to give them this benefit, but it is confusing that the confession requires a complete mystery, as to whether the this woman, even though the nun? .. So he decided to try a little experiment.
Assuring the nuns that their request he had carefully considered and is likely to perform it after a while brought them a box, which locked the bird, and asked a great mystery to keep at home, this box just a few days, but it was strictly ordered to leave any idea about how to get out what is contained in a box, even threatening excommunication for disobedience ...
As soon as he retired, irresistible feminine curiosity got the better: the box was opened and the bird, of course, flown. Then Dad came to the monastery and said that he brought nuns authorization requests made about the confession, but only wanted to first look at your box. And when they found it empty, he had every right to deny a petition.

... frivolous
Famous French actress Blanche D'Antili was remarkable creation. Blanche Zola literally struck a luxury in which she lived. Watching her life, Zola had filled more than one notebook. Blanche pour into the tub 200 bottles of champagne to, as she said, "to plunge into it." Her night was a bowl of solid silver, engraved with her monogram. Unlike any self-respecting courtesan, she shared a bed not only with a rich lover. She had "their poor" - young people in one night, who liked her for one reason or another (for what it is, she carefully recorded in his diary). Here is an excerpt from it:

  "Pilotel: for her hair.
Herve: for his talent.
Miller: for what he bachelor.
Jaime: for its simplicity.
Luce: a refinement.
Hamburger: a chic ".

Against many of the names was the phrase, showing the good heart of Mademoiselle: "... because he asked me about it.
There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is Blanche D'Antili became the prototype of the heroine of the famous novel by Emile Zola - "Nana".

... courageous
It would be unfair to say about women's weaknesses and shortcomings, not to mention their numerous advantages. In any case, even though some of them. Here's a striking example of women's courage.
Irritated by the stubborn resistance of the inhabitants of a small town Veynsberga, Conrad III ordered his troops to destroy the city and kill all the inhabitants, except for women. Before the final assault, he allowed women to leave the city, carried away with him on the shoulders of what they are all expensive. On the appointed day, Women Veynsberga out of the gates of the city, carrying on their shoulders ... husbands, sons and their fathers. Courtier, asked permission to attack them for this trick. But touched by Conrad spared the city and all its inhabitants, saying: "The word of the Emperor can not be either changed or abolished?"

... principled
When Alexander Kuprin married Davydova, this pleasant event coincided with the writing of the story "The Duel". Work noticeably paused, and then the young woman said: "It will not do ..."
She took off for a separate apartment and put in her husband an ultimatum: "will admit only when you bring another chapter of the story.
Next were the case: he called her, she opened the door on a chain, he slipped her the next chapter of "Duel", it is familiar with the content, and if it finds a high level of this chapter, then let in to the writer himself. Once Kuprin brought the title you have brought before, but vigilant Davydova immediately noticed the deception and returned the manuscript with the words: "When will the new chapter, then come along!"
Then she went to the window and saw that Alexander was sitting on a stone pedestal, and crying. She said: "I really wanted him to admit, but I thought about the fate of Russian literature!"

... and fanatical
The famous French actor Grard Philippe sat once in the lobby. Suddenly came a man and began to quarrel. The actor pretended that he did not understand, but here were two of his female fans, who literally threw themselves at the impudent: first, cursed, and then forced to flee.
- Could such a small pen you gave him a slap in the face? - Philip Gerard asked one of the girls.
- Yes, - she whispered, melting with happiness.
- Thank you! - Said an emotional actor and kissed her hand.
- And I, incidentally, was bitten by this bully! - Shouted a fan of the second, when the actor turned to her.
Second admirer had to kiss on the lips ...