Who is better, his wife or mistress? Part 2

Who is better, his wife or mistress? Part 2 Good to be 1,111,112. free bird 1,111,113. But sometimes annoying. If you beginning to get tired often and regularly, then the word "freedom" is gradually replaced by the word "solitude". The woman begins to think about life non-free life together (and then not only the two of us) with her husband.
 What are the advantages of a married woman? Are you missing your favorite man (now her husband) do not need to hurry, call or wait for an invitation - you can just come home and he was already there (or soon it will come).
Joint weekends, holidays or vacations. The mistress of a married man can only dream about how to spend New Year with him or the eighth of March, and his wife all that goes to itself.

Gifts for holidays (New Year, the eighth of March, birthday, 17,6 wedding anniversary, and any other generally known, or family, self-invented) the wife receives directly from the morning without leaving his bed. Similarly, we can congratulate her beloved husband. And do not go anywhere, especially to find time to watch the clock and think of legends encoding, to be alone and have a good time.

Calm during pregnancy, childbirth, and the decree. Most married women are not panicking, even if the "red calendar days" does not occur. Especially if the child - first. The birth of the child lover for many men can become an unpleasant surprise, although there are exceptions.

 The husband may be attentive to his wife in front of other people. And to his mistress - no. Unless they are in places where it is not at risk to meet friends in common. The consequence of the preceding paragraph: a married man would not drive a mistress in those places for entertainment, where is my wife. As a rule, the place for "vygulivaniya" mistress - or rank below or far from home.

If the lover expresses too many requests and complaints - it can be changed. Easy. His wife is also possible - but it is much harder and takes more time. And sometimes money.

After making love my husband will not run away somewhere under the pretext that his house is waiting for a sick and dependent wife (met, the child, cat, turtle, the list is endless). A married lover - and always at the same time very quickly. Unless, of course, he failed to warn families that had gone on a business trip.

If the wife learns that her husband has a mistress - she is bitter, hurt and disgusted. But the absolute majority of men and do not intend to divorce, explaining that they love all the same wife. If the mistress learns that the beloved man is married and concealed it, it will be just as bitter, hurt and disgusted (if not initially chose married). But to invent excuses for self-consolation is practically impossible. Even the words that he and his wife have long been nothing (incl. bed) there is usually divided on the facts of their appearance (common!) Children.

If my wife ever look other men - a signal to her husband to hold her more time and more attention. If your lover ever look other men - is an occasion to think about how and with whom she is engaged in a free (ie, almost all of their) time. Mistresses, too jealous, but more reason to suspect treason. From annoying mistress easier to remove.

Only his wife could leave with impunity sinyachki on his neck.

If the husband - a womanizer and could not miss a single skirt, but always returns to his wife - he consoled her that she's the best. If a lover - a womanizer, then most likely he will return to his wife, not mistress. If she decides. A comfort lover would have to invent itself.
 If the husband came home and my wife is asleep or pretending to sleep (not feeling tired, not rested, was offended by some reason or no reason) - he is likely to remain at home. And even lie down beside him, hug and kiss. Or will heal. And if that same man came to his mistress, while she was asleep or pretending to sleep (not feeling tired, not rested, was offended by some reason or no reason) - he is likely to leave his wife. Their problems enough, why would he still problems mistress?

Even if a man calls his wife "my zmeyuku" mistress always selects and reacts to the word "MY". Mistress often ready to be called by anyone, only to be used the pronoun "my". "My zmeyuku - dearer and sweeter than the" friend "," cat "and other nicknames, do not indicate a desire to men" part of stake.

Protection from minor everyday problems. In order to fix a little tap, hammer a nail into the wall or change the lock, do not have to become a "master-lomasterom" and delve into the technical stuff, do not call the masters of Jeka and monitor their work - you can just say this to her husband. He has a better job.

Married women in bed every night (with rare exceptions, when he was on a business trip or supposedly on a business trip) is a man who is nowhere in no hurry and will not run away (in any case, it is today). What to do with it - this is the second question. But finding an answer is not so difficult. Mistress usually fall back on a few hours spent together.